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For Sale

The property is located in a very good location in Gerasdorf in the industrial area Seyring in close proximity to the G3 Shopping mall. The building basically consists of retail area, office and distribution space with the retail area extending over 2 storeys (ground floor and 1st floor). On the 2nd floor there are additional small office and storage areas.
The levels are connected by staircases, an escalator and elevator. The distribution area is directly connected to the retail area and its delivery is via gates at ramp level (covered). A freight elevator is available.
The retail areas are lit and heated. Sanitary facilities for customers and employees are available. The office and social areas adjoin the retail area and are partially separated.
The paved areas offer numerous parking spaces and generous circulation areas. The parking area is partly roofed and is to be driven by a one-way system. There are approx. 171 parking spaces available.

Building 1
Sales Area (Ground floor, 1st & 2nd floor, cellar) approx 8,660m²
thereof sales area (Ground floor & 1st floor) ca. 3,380m²

Building 2
Storage/Logistic (Ground floor & 1st floor) approx 4,410m²
Site area total: 17,413m²

The property is located in the industrial area Seyring / Gerasdorf and can be reached via Brünner Bundesstraße. The traffic situation of the property is very good - the traffic junction Eibesbrunn is only a two-minute drive away. This provides an excellent connection to the high-level road network.
The B7 Bruenner Bundesstraße and the S1 Wiener Außenring expressway can be reached within a few meters.
The Vienna city boundary is about 10 minutes away by car. The airport Vienna-Schwechat is reachable in approx. 40 km.

The neighboring properties are predominantly built on commercial (with warehouses, workshops and production halls) and associated office properties as well as the G3 Shopping mall.

Industrial Zone

Retail area: 44.7 kWh/m²a
Office area: 57.6 kWh/m²a

216 kW

As of now

Building € 6.35 p.m² p.m.
Parking € 25.00 p. pcs p.m.
Advertising pylon € 2,000.00 p.m.

add. operating cost
add. 20 % VAT

submission of offer

We want to stress that we are entitled, according to Immobillienmaklerverordnung 1996 and Maklergesetz that our fee will be

• in case of a lease agreement for an indefinite period or period of more than 3 years 3 monthly gross rents
• in case of a lease agreement for a period of at least 2 years but no more than 3 years 2 monthly gross rents
• in case a lease agreement for a period shorter than 2 years 1 monthly gross rent
• in case of a purchase agreement 3% of the purchase price

plus VAT and shall be due for payment immediately on conclusion of a contract arranged by us. In case of delay payment interest on arrears in the amount of 9% p.a. shall be agreed.

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