Colliers International France is conducting a survey on employee perception of flexible environments, at a time when flexibility is at the heart of all business issues and much ink is being spilled; what are the benefits of these working environments, what weaknesses can be observed and what are the employees' feedback?

We have chosen to measure performance between 3 different work environment modes that we have identified: Flexdesk, Dynamic and NWoW (New Way of Working).

This study is based on a quantitative survey conducted with the Think Institute, administered online to 496 employees in flexible offices. Our sample is made up of 47% of employees in a flex environment, 53% in development by activity, including 27% in NWoW and 26% in dynamics.

Why choose a flexible environment? What are the key success factors for employees to be happy? Why choose the NWOW model?

Find all the results of this survey in our study!