As a financial and service center, Frankfurt am Main is the only major German city to display impressive high-rise buildings that make up its characteristic skyline. These high-rises, some of which are among Germany’s tallest buildings, are meanwhile part and parcel of the cityscape and their attractive office, hotel and residential space is in high demand among occupiers. Despite their significance for the real estate market, Frankfurt’s office towers have to date not been sufficiently analysed with regard to their special characteristics, features and their supply structure. After all, skyscrapers appeal to particular target groups, traditionally generate the highest rents on the market and function as representative landmark buildings in central locations of the city. As a result of the increasing shortage of space, more and more new developments are dependent on both city planning and general economic conditions. With SKYSCRAPER Expert, Colliers International has conducted an in-depth analysis of Frankfurt’s office towers as cornerstones of the office real estate market. In addition to evaluating key industry structures, vacancy, rental trends and the investment market, this analysis also includes future property development activity. All high-rises with office use in central locations* and a height of above 60 metres are included in the analysis, or a total of 39 stock properties and six property developments featuring roughly 1.6 million sq m of office space. This spectrum gives us a precise image of the market.