Property Marketing Services

Make the sale of your property visible to potential tenants or investors

We carry out targeted and effective marketing plans involving the newest digital solutions which may help attract serious tenants and investors in a fast and effective way. Receive professional advice on how to hit your target group the best way possible, and on how you benefit the most from your marketing budget.

Please note that we also offer the possibility of marketing your property off market, if you want your case to be handled with more confidentiality to a limited number of investors. We have a large network of investors.

With Colliers as your property adviser, you also get access to our internal marketing team. In corporation with you, we will define which initiatives will create increased value, what makes your property or lease stand out from other properties in the market and how to be noticed in the property searches. We are always updated with the newest digital solutions, which may result in the best placing and the best visibility for your property or lease.

Majken Hald
Marketing Manager

Majken creates, handles and executes tailored marketing campaigns for Colliers’ largest clients, and she is responsible for all property advertising as well as supplier management related to property advertising. Majken further allocates tasks to marketing team members.

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