Leasing Services

Quality and motion – we find tenants for your commercial and retail premises

Leasing Services

Together we can source the most suitable rental providers and prospective commercial and retail tenants. Leasing commercial and retail premises is much more than showing potential sites. We set targets with property owners, using these targets to design a strategy and approach to market. Profitable leasing comes down to two key words: quality and activity. We help you to develop the property and its operating concepts in order to find the right tenants, sourcing potential tenants through the most effective marketing channels.

Success directly correlates to our professional, active and motivated personnel. Active sales work is the cornerstone of our operations; we meet tenant needs and make leasing easy. We make alteration works as flexible as possible for the tenant and have the best partner network to facilitate this.




We are responsible for leasing activities across national retail business locations, including several major shopping centres in Finland. Our commercial consulting and leasing team is experienced in creating a tenant mix, leasing negotiations, creating lease agreements and publishing marketing material.

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