Global Manufacturing Shifts: An EMEA Perspective


Through a combination of hard data and case studies, this report – co-authored by Colliers International and Hickey & Associates – explores how global manufacturing companies from a mix of labourintensive and high-value industries are responding to the challenges posed by an ever evolving market environment, including rising labour costs and geopolitical uncertainty. For each macro-region (Asia, Europe and the Americas), we’ve highlighted the latest trends in the manufacturing industry, and looked into what may lie ahead.

Now more than ever, global manufacturing and supply chains are confronted with multiple pressures. These stem from, among other things, rising labour costs in established global manufacturing hot spots, a spike in global economic and geopolitical uncertainty and weaker economic growth prospects in some countries/ regions. These pressures combined are likely to have some temporary and more profound implications for the manufacturing landscape as organisations reassess risks/costs and adjust their strategies and production footprint. This also comes at a time when technological advances (software and hardware alike) are opening up new solutions for manufacturers and changing the dynamics of production location.


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