FLEX OFFICE, from fantasy to reality


Colliers International France is conducting a survey on employee perception of flexible environments, at a time when flexibility is at the heart of all business issues and much ink is being spilled; what are the benefits of these working environments, what weaknesses can be observed and what are the employees' feedback?

We have chosen to measure performance between 3 different work environment modes that we have identified: Flexdesk, Dynamic and NWoW (New Way of Working).

This study is based on a quantitative survey conducted with the Think Institute, administered online to 496 employees in flexible offices. Our sample is made up of 47% of employees in a flex environment, 53% in development by activity, including 27% in NWoW and 26% in dynamics.

Why choose a flexible environment? What are the key success factors for employees to be happy? Why choose the NWOW model?


Find all the results of this survey in our study!



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Frederique Miriel

Directrice du Pôle Workplace


With 25 years of expertise in supporting companies threw the transformation of their working environments in line with their strategic challenges (human and business), Frédérique currently manages the Workplace consulting, Change management and R&D activities of Colliers International France. Its missions consist in advising companies on all aspects of a work environment project.

Initially trained in change management, marketing and support after her first years of professional life in the communication field, Frédérique then worked on working environments transformation projects in France. Through these experiences, she developed a holistic approach to companies by focusing on their culture, changing working methods challenges, economic context and field of activity, and by designing working environments specific to each of her clients.

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Caroline Benech

Directrice Accompagnement du changement


Presently Chief Transformation Officer for Colliers France and  certified Executive Coach , Caroline is working for clients to accompany  individually Executive members, project directors and  managers  in their work environment project of transformation.

Starting by  Colliers International in  2007 and quickly in charge and Head of Communication and Change Management for our clients, Caroline worked for 15 years for the Ministry of Defence  as internal and external communications director,  lobbyist, éditor in chief of various media. 

She is  graduated from Celsa  (Sorbonne/Communication),  English (Sorbonne),  journalism (CFJ) and coach (IFG).

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Han Paemen

Directrice Conseil


Han is a senior workplace consultant specializing in work environment projects that support company transformations, and in the holistic management of innovative work environments.

 Han has  international experience of twenty years in corporate projects,

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