Real Estate Consulting

Whether you operate a real estate portfolio or a single asset, you may have questions about a site that is unused or considered obsolete, about the relevance of owning rather than renting. In any case, it is important that your approach is anchored in a market reality and an urban context that is changing very quickly.

The Real Estate Consulting team can assist you by creating a real estate master plan that will give you a complete overview of your portfolio and the options available to you based on your business strategy. On assts or land with an uncertain future, a valuation mission will allow you to document the various possible scenarios, costs, schedules and associated value creation. On the impact of IFRS standards on your company, the choice of an economic model or a financial package, an analysis of your situation will enable you to make an informed decision and optimize your tax situation.

Our team is ready, to help optimize your real estate portfolio and meet your strategic objectives.