Coaching for Real Estate project


Because we know that managing a transforming real estate project is a complex mission, Colliers France has developed a coaching offer to support project managers, executives and managers in their large-scale projects; moving, new working environment, changing working methods, merger, restructuring...


Our knowledge of the work environment and change management, as well as our agility in a context of profound changes in working methods, enable us to know what companies and their managers will go through and allow us to provide them with relevant and effective advices in order to guarantee the success of their transformation projects.


We offer individual support throughout the project to enable the director or manager to understand different axes.

Anticipate constraints as well as possible, understand the origin and nature of the difficulties encountered, define a leadership model
Federating employees around the project, having an HR approach
Support the social relationship, inform about the legal framework
Identify key steps, anticipate risks and adopt the right postures