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One of the most famous and renowned Country House hotels originally constructed around 1916 as a private residence for sale

For Sale

£3,000,000 GBP Pound Sterling

The property was originally constructed in 1916 by wealthy industrialist, Thomas Harrison as a private residence. The location for the project was carefully selected due to his unique local knowledge and was described by Victorian journalist and novelist harrier Martineau as “a view unsurpassed for beauty in the whole lake district”. Throughout the 1980s Miller Howe was one of the most fashionable destinations in the north of England, its stardom being secured by its owner at the time, celebrity chef John Tovey. This trend continued throughout the 90s when the property was owned by the now renowned newspaper editor Charles Garside. Our clients acquired the property in 2018 and have continued to uphold the properties reputation for unsurpassed luxury and exquisite dining. Many of the hotels original features have been restored and much of the property has been tastefully updated.

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