Valuation and Advisory Services

Our scope of activities covers all aspects of real estate, from the appraisal of the smallest apartments to the preparation of feasibility studies for large multi-purpose developments.
Our professional consultants prepare valuation reports and studies of more than 200 real estate properties on an annual basis, worth about EUR 1.5 billion in total.

Our team performs valuations which meet the highest professional criteria, in line with internationally accepted valuation standards (RICS, IVS, TEGOVA). 

Office buildings
Retail properties, including shopping malls
Industrial properties
Recreational centres
Residential properties
Multi-purpose real estate
Mixed-use developments
Development land parcels and properties
Special properties.

The Valuation team deals with the appraisal of individual properties as well as entire real estate portfolios for the following purposes: 

Internal decision making (purchase/sale of real estate, property management, miscellaneous purposes)
Hungarian financial statements
International financial statements
Reports for loan securitisation procedures and bank decision making
Preparation of corporate asset balance sheets.

Our range of services include: 

Personal consultancy and advisory
Consultancy and professional advisory in the planning phase of property developments
Desktop valuations
Valuation studies
Detailed market research
Due diligence reports
Feasibility studies
Highest and best use studies.