Workplace Solutions

We provide tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of each Client.

The key to achieving a successful outcome for our Clients is to provide a tailor-made solution that meets the needs of each Client, whether they are a major corporation or a private business, a start-up operation or a long-established national, regional or local authority.


Our Services

  • complete office project management from the assessment of clients’ needs to the final move in, option for tenant representation for certain required phases only is provided as well
  • revision of lease, renegotiation of lease, presentation of competitive options, lease renewals, demonstration of alternative solutions, development of negotiation strategy
  • strategy for handling economic crisis through office lease - cost saving, more efficient operations, decrease of premises - analysis of total lease expenses and alternatives,
  • recommendation for optimum solution
  • sublease based on appointment
  • service charge audit
  • office market research on forecasts and trends
  • real Estate market reports, analysis and research

Our compensation structure is primarily success fee based, however for certain consultancy services we implement fix or daily-based fee.

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