Making a difference in Israel

Colliers International Israel is the leading commercial real estate company in Israel. We provide both local companies and international corporations with a full package of services - real estate sales and investments, valuation, project management, and even consulting in the field of green and sustainable building.  

With a deep understanding of the expanding and dynamic real estate market in Israel, we offer effective solutions to our clients and their commercial real estate challenges. We combine our expertise with a full range of services to provide investors, property owners, tenants and developers with innovative and ambitious solutions. 

As the leading company in terms of volume of commercial real estate transactions per year, we regularly carry out and publish market research in order to provide a deeper understanding of the arena in which we operate. Just like one of our specialist areas, the high-tech sector, we always aim to be one step ahead. To that end we manage a massive database of real estate transactions that is constantly updated, enabling us to recognise trends and locate available assets in the real estate market.  

By keeping an eye on anticipated changes in the market, we can supply our clients with a forecast of assets that may become available, on many occasions before the landlords themselves are aware of the possibility. Thanks to our unique service and high standards of professionalism, our clients can be sure they received the most accurate depiction and analysis of the options available to them in the market. 

Who we are 

Our team includes some of the most professional and committed individuals in the field of commercial real estate. We implement the Colliers International vision of producing well thought out and personalised solutions for our clients, while constantly striving to provide the highest quality service. Along with our brokerage services we eagerly follows the ever changing landscape of the market in order map out every commercial real estate asset. This enables our experts to always be attuned to the pulse of commercial real estate in Israel.  

What we believe 

We believe that an organisation’s most important capital is its people, and that real estate is a central tool in improving employee satisfaction and helping to recruit new employees. Therefore our role is not simply to locate properties, but also to identify workplace solutions that ensure optimal working conditions. In order to match our clients with the property best suited for them, we must first have a clear understanding of your organisation’s DNA. Through our holistic approach, we learn the way in which the company operates and then offer creative solutions that best fit your business strategy. 

We believe that our clients should be presented with all possible property options in a transparent and professional manner. We also offer our clients efficient tools that enable them to make the best decisions to suit their needs based on their specific criteria.