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For Lease


The total size of the Park is 56 Ha, where the first 2 phases were delivered in 2008 and 2009 with leasable area of ca. 40 000 m2. The landlord is a well experienced market player within industrial and logistics development and will provide tailor made solutions for the end-users. This location is a good choice for production facilities as all needed infrastructure is available on site. In addition, its location next to Jelgava will provide the needed source of employees.


Eirkel Business Park is located next to the city Jelgava, nearby the motorway A8 Riga - Jelgava - Lithuania. Riga is located in the distance of 40 km. Geographically convenient location can serve as a supply unit to the three Baltic states.

Key Features

Building height: 9m
Floor load-carrying capacity: 5 tons/m2
200 lx illumination in the industrial/warehouse units
Gas – On site – primary usage for heating
Spacious truck maneuvering space
Heating: As per client’s requirements – gas fired boilers or air systems
Electricity: 1 MW (0.6 MW available, additional will be installed, capacity is available)
Telecommunications: As per client’s requirements – fibre optic or copper. 2 internet providers (4MB available)
Water Supply: Direct connection to city networks – 2 x 150 mm pipes
Sewerage: Connection to city networks

Further Information

At the moment 12 000 m2 is available for the lease.


Spaces starting from 3,00 EUR/m2

Property Details