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Maza Juglas land plots
Maza Juglas land plots
Maza Juglas land plots
Maza Juglas land plots


•300 metres away from the properties there is a bus and mini-bus terminal, the existent and planned bus stops are right next to the properties.
•At the distance of several hundred metres there is Ezerkrasti Elementary School, the Style and Fashion Technical College and “Maxima X” shop, at the distance of 1–1.5 km — Riga nursery No 180, private nursery “Laimes lācis”, Jugla Secondary School, a sports school, a music school and Riga East Clinical University Hospital.

•There is a territory adjacent to the properties covered by a municipality detail plan, which was elaborated simultaneously with the present detail plan and which provides for nursery construction and the construction of terrace houses in the compensatory land properties. Furthermore, a block of flats and a building technique lease company are adjacent to the properties.

•The development of the region is promoted by opening of IKEA supermarket at the distance of 2 km near Jugla Street and Bikernieku Street.Project Development


•The permissible number of floors and intensity allows for the construction of more than 500–550 flats with the average area of 65–70 sq.m

•The area of residential build-up borders for several hundreds of metres with the Jugla Forest, forming a recreation potential. Along with the location in the proximity of Jugla Lake and the planned walkways and bike trails, it gives a reason for positioning the territory as an exclusive blend of nature and urban environment.

•Provisional calculation, in accordance with the calculator of infrastructure charge (https://www.eriga.lv/), shows that the charge on residential build-up may exceed EUR 400,000, while an investor receives discount in the appropriate amount, by constructing streets in area of around 2400 sq.m.
•Proposal for build-up developed by the Italian architects included in the detailed plan, which in accordance with the relief and insolation includes multi-storey build-up, over-ground and underground parking and area improvement solutions, may be used for the development, or a separate construction project may be developed.

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