Almost half Airbnb accommodations Amsterdam break 60 day rule

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Despite the increasingly strict regulations, 41% of entire homes offered on Airbnb are let out for more than 60 days. An additional 19% of entire homes are offered for more than 120 days. This has major consequences for the housing market, as the 8,000 premises being offered via Airbnb are effectively being removed from circulation within the traditional residential lettings market.

More Airbnb in the region of Amsterdam
The rapid growth of Airbnb in Amsterdam seems to be over. For the first time since the launch of the platform, the number of booked overnight stays declined. In 2018 almost two million nights were booked, a decrease of 5% compared to the year before. Some of this demand seems to have been displaced to the Amsterdam hinterland rather than falling outright. Overnight stays in surrounding municipalities increased by 36% in 2018, reaching 196,000. Equally, the vacation house rental company Homeaway, grew fast in Amsterdam during 2018, processing 136,000 overnight stays in the city, an increase of 61% compared to 2017.

 ‘Homeowners in the surrounding municipalities profit from the success of Airbnb’ according to Dirk Bakker, CEO Colliers International. ‘It is an oil stain that slowly spreads and it is a profitable business. The average Amsterdam host earns almost 16,000 euro with an average price of 158 euro per night.’

The Hague as second Airbnb city in The Netherlands 
The Hague is the second largest Airbnb city in the country and the platform now has a significant market presence. In 2018, the number of booked overnight stays increased by 23% to 226,000. Because the number of nights booked at hotels increased by only 1%, Airbnb’s market share increased to 11.4%. Also the surrounding municipalities welcomed more visitors. The number of overnight stays increased here by more than 50% to almost 31,000.

1 in 5 overnight stays in Utrecht via Airbnb.
Despite the fact that Airbnb’s growth rate in Utrecht is slowing down, the platform continues to gain popularity. While the number of hotel overnight stays decreased by 3% last year, the number of nights booked via the platform increased by 3% to 160,000. By this time, one in five overnight stays in the city is booked via Airbnb. Accommodations in the municipalities around Utrecht were also in demand and the number of overnight stays here increase by 28% to more than 48,000.

Growing tourism in Rotterdam and Eindhoven
Rotterdam and Eindhoven are increasingly gaining popularity among tourists. This is also visible in the Airbnb numbers. The number of bookings in Rotterdam increased with almost 15% and in Eindhoven with 28%. Homeowners profited from this development. The average Rotterdam hosts earned almost 8,500 euro and in Eindhoven 7,300 euro. 


Almost half Airbnb accommodations Amsterdam break 60 day rule

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Dirk Bakker

Chief Executive Officer | Netherlands


AREA OF EXPERTISE: Dirk has over 25 years experience in hotel operational consulting with a focus on database management & customer loyalty programs and hotel reservation systems in the global market. Dirk is a specialist in strategic management & marketing projects with clarity in vision and strategy, leading to tangible results. Focus on cross border assignments, leveraging extensive entrepreneurial expertise in Europe, the Middle East, India, Brazil and Russia. Dirk has expertise in fields such as multi country assigments, strategic marketing, International Business Development, International Private Public Initiatives, hospitality consultancy and corporate finance assignments. Spending 3 years in hotel development and real estate financing related areas he combined his expertise as a hotel operations specialist in his new role since late 2009 as Director Hotels for Colliers International in the Netherlands. Dirk incorporated the current Hotels division of Colliers International in the Netherlands and is a Partner at Colliers in the Netherlands. He also heads the Colliers EMEA hotels team within the Colliers EMEA region. Since September 1, 2017 he is the Chief Executive officer for Colliers in the Netherlands leding a team of 330 professionals and 6 offices.


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