We are spending more on food and drinks, both indoors and outdoors. In 2017 this amounted to roughly 60 billion euros, a rise of 4% compared to 2016. And this year, that number will grow even further to approximately 62.5 billion euros. The main reason is that more and more consumers eat and drink outside of their homes. On average, we are spending 4% more every year since 2010. In 2017, it was even 7%. This growth outpaces the numbers seen in the rest of the retail market. 

More and more F&B venues
Entrepreneurs are capitalizing on this development. The number of F&B companies has increased nearly 9% in the past eight years to well over 61,250. This represents 5,000 extra “points of sale”. Many of these new F&B venues are located at former vacant shops. More than a quarter of these have been designated for F&B purposes in the past year and a half. Also in terms of square footage, the F&B sector shows the highest growth numbers in the retail market. Nearly 139,000 square meters were added this year alone, mainly restaurants and supermarkets.

Much more growth on the horizon
The outdoors segment is expected to rise to an average of 25% the Netherlands. F&B will conquer a prominent position that will change the way our shopping areas look like. In the largest Randstad cities this figure is expected to grow to 30%. This percentage is also in range for medium-sized cities.