The Dutch healthcare market is complex and in full swing. The impact of regulation on healthcare institutions is high. It is therefore important to know which real estate you need to implement your strategy. Is it necessary to sell your healthcare real estate? What are the different possibilities to fill or redevelop vacant real estate?  


Together we can create a sustainable housing plan, so you will have full attention to providing care. It is essential for real estate owners and investors to know which specific healthcare real estate will have the best returns, now and in the future. What is the position of your current healthcare portfolio? What are the healthcare investment opportunities available to you? Which properties you would like to sell? Together we can help you react to opportunities or reduce risks.  


Colliers is a member of Stichting Zorgvastgoed and is familiar with the College Sanering Zorginstellingen. 


Returns on healthcare property and homes converge

Investors see a future in healthcare real estate. The growing interest is due not only to a flourishing economy, but also and above all to the reduced risks of investing in healthcare property.
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