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Your office largely determines the identity and success of a company. The wishes of employees change significantly. There is a need for experience, openness, cooperation and community feeling. An inspiring work environment will motivate your employees, increasing their involvement. The right workplace helps attract talent and supports the business culture you strive for.  

Would you like to know how you match your accommodation is with the organisational objectives? Are you looking for new office space or do you want to lower your costs? Do you want a cool working environment or well founded advice on how your facility services should look?  

Colliers is the market leader in the benchmarking of office space, work environments and facility costs. We have the largest and most reliable real estate and facilities benchmark database in Europe. Our database contains data of 3,650 buildings, more than 33 million sq m LFA in 29 countries and more than 1.7 million FTEs. 
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Amsterdam office market
The economic growth is in danger due to shortage of offices.
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Eindhoven office market
New offices are needed near Eindhoven station.
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Rotterdam office market
Rotterdam is a good alternative for big companies. 
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