In this report, you can learn more about the hotel market in Norway and the key figures that were obtained for January 2019. The report takes a look at the overall results for the whole country as well as providing a ranking of each city from the best to the worst results in ADR, REVPAR and OCC. Then we present the key figures for the largest cities in Norway with comments on these. We also investigate in this report what it will take to maintain the occupancy in Oslo, this exciting case can be read on page 11. Furthermore, the report presents the key figures for all the counties in the country and offers comments on these.


Highlights from the report: 

  • January 2019 was a record month for the overall market. All key figures show progress and have never been so high in any January.
  • Of the destinations, it was Tromsø that had the best results.
  • The hotels in Kristiansand had the worst result.
  • Avinor suggests with 3 % growth in the time ahead that the number of travelers will, according to their target, reach 32,000,000 in 2022.
  • The net accommodation for the hotels in Oslo must increase by almost NOK 1 billion to keep up with the trend in the number of travelers.
  • Troms got the best results from the counties, due to Northern Lights tourism. The hotels in Vestfold had the worst results.
  • There are only two counties that received more than 100 million in turnover. The hotels in Akershus reached almost 135 million and the hotels in Oslo passed 225 million.