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Parque Logistico Vacamonte | Warehouse
Parque Logistico Vacamonte | Warehouse
Parque Logistico Vacamonte | Warehouse
Parque Logistico Vacamonte | Warehouse
Parque Logistico Vacamonte | Warehouse

Parque Logístico Vacamonte is a unique project in its class thanks to its location and the facilities it offers, developed with the highest standards and a future projection thinking about the benefit of your business or industry. With easy access from land, sea and air, thanks to its proximity and access roads to the city of Panama, to the ports of Vacamonte, Rodman and Balboa, as well as to Howard Airport, Logístico Vacamonte Park offers its clients infrastructures and services of first level that allow the growth of your company in the long term.

Strategically located in the west sector of the city, the Logístico vacamonte park is located 17 kilometers from the bridge of the Americas, entrance to the city of Panama. The park also has direct accesses to the Panama - Chorrera highway and the inter - American highway to the ports of Vacamonte, Rodman and Balboa, to the city of Chorrera and Arranijan and to Howard Airport.
with easy access either through air, sea or land, the logistics park Vacamonte offers its customers a fast connectivity with the rest of the country.

Characteristics of the Property

> Dimension of lots between 2,000 m2 to 30,000 m2 according to your needs (built-to-suit)
> Centralized administration of the park that offers the basic services of: electricity, water, telephone, internet, garbage collection, 24 hour security, maintenance of green areas and much more
> The park is part of an integral development of 600 hectares of land called DoRaDa coast where there are also housing projects such as Playa Dorada and other future commercial and housing developments
> Lots for rent with direct access to the Pacific Ocean
> Infrastructure of streets with main road of concrete
> Located next to the cowboy port
> 35 minutes from the bridge of Las americas and the city of panama
> Friendly to the environment, surrounded by imposing green areas
> Easy access through the Interamerican highway with concrete streets to its lot in the logístico park vacamonte
> Opportunities for flexible and long-term growth for your company
> Galeras in design and construction process tailored to your needs

Distribution of the areas of the Multitenant-1 Lot

> Building: 7,977.90 m2
> Room service: 33.90 m2
> Parking spaces: 2,527.30 m2
> Patio maneuvers: 4,801.40 m2
> Circulation area: 598.40 m2
> Green area: 2,917.85 m2
> Total area: 18,856.75 m2

Property Details