Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance business line consists of two main pillars:

1/ Debt:

  • Arranging for all kind of debt on behalf of clients, which includes property financing for both construction and investment period, portfolio finance, as well as any kind of financing connected with M&A transactions, including margin loans, etc. Business line for the whole real estate cycle.
  • NPL – non performing loans – close monitoring in the CEE of NPL development in co-operation with leading banking institutions on one hand, as well as with investors who usually are interested in such type of product. Business line for downturn in the cycle, however preparation for this activity as well as holding relations with all kind of players should take place during the whole cycle.
  • Bond issuance and bond restructure / refinancing


2/ Equity:

Helping clients with their different needs on the capital / equity side. This includes advise and implementation of the below mentioned products. The role of the Corporate Finance team is not only to advice in applying the right product, but also in running on behalf of the client through the whole process, starting with the offer, through due diligence, ending with contracts. The product include the following:

  • Mezzanine financing
  • Preferred equity financing and preferred equity structures
  • Capital raise on behalf of client
  • Search for JV partners and conclusion of JV agreements, between active players and passive investors / capital providers
  • M&A transactions on real estate market / real estate companies
  • IPO of companies holding real estate assets, in co-operation with investment banks