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€136,826 EUR

Sale price:136.826 EUR

Location: Vrbas - Save Kovacevica 108

Industrial complex consists of 4 buildings covering an area of 820 m2 GBA (Buildings were built during 1960s; consist of only a ground floor level).

Property is located approximately 120 m on the left side of Sava Kovacevic Street from the intersection with Gustava Krkleca Street. The property has a narrow frontage to the street which serves as an entrance to the complex. Three buildings are positioned in the area of the complex which is perpendicular to Sava Kovacevic Street, while an additional building is positioned on part of the plot which is perpendicular to this area. The immediate area surrounding the property is mainly characterized by residential buildings comprising the Sava Kovacevic residential block located across the street as well as other smaller residential houses and commercial properties. Visibility of the property can be characterized as average while accessibility can be characterized as good.

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