Our Leadership

The management of Colliers Sweden consists of the following members:
Dan Törnsten

I have more than 27 years of experience from commercial real estate in both constructing and consulting. I joined Colliers in 2001 and has been Office leasing Manager and Business Development Manager. Since 2009 I am the CEO of Colliers in Sweden. I have great experience in complex projects and transaction deals.

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Maria Lilliehöök
Head of Marketing

Maria Lilliehöök is Head of Marketing and joined Colliers in 2016. She is responsible for the overall marketing and communication both external and internal as well as for managing the Swedish marketing team. Maria is a member of the Swedish management team and report to Swedish CEO Dan Törnsten.  She has nine years’ experience in leading marketing  roles within the Real Estate industry, focused on Real Estate Services and Commersial Real Estate Management.

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Rebecka Norberg
Head of Capital Markets

Been active in the property market since Jan 2005, started with a 2 year international traineeship at CBRE. During 2 years I learned different markets and different departments, Corporate solutions in London, valuation in Berlin and capital markets in Madrid. Since 2007 I’ve been active in the Swedish property market except for a month in New York at CBRE Capital Markets. Main focus has been commercial assets specialized in retail. After 10 years with CBRE I decided to learn more about the property owner side.

From March 2015 I joined ICA Fastigheter AB, the market leader in grocery properties with ICA as main tenant, where I acquired several properties in the logistic, industrial and office segment with the ad value to change the detail development plan to retail in the future.  

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Joachim Svedberg
Regional & Capital Markets Director

Started in the real estate industry in autumn 2000 at NCC Property Development in Gothenburg. An instructive first job, here I had the opportunity to be part of the development of a property from idea to completion. A perfect first job in understanding how value is created in a property.

The interest in real estate, and deals in particular, led me to switch to the consulting side in early 2004. I’m still here today. During all these years, I have mainly worked with transactions in Gothenburg but also across the country together with both national and international customers.

No deals have been too small or too big. All deals are unique in terms of different properties, location, customer and size.

In 2011, I joined Colliers and has since continued to work with repetitive as new customers. Since 2014, I am partner in the Swedish company and in 2017 responsible for our office in Gothenburg and a member of the management team.

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Anders Thor
Head of Leasing & Corporate Solutions

Has great experience and knowledge in  Real estate. Managed  negotiations and projekts  as well as transactions.

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Hanna Strand
Head of Retail & Real Estate Management Services
  • Hanna Strand is Head of Property Management and joined Colliers spring 2016. She has extensive experience in commercial Real Estate, focused on the retail market. Hanna has numerous of leading positions within Shopping Centre Management, Property Management and Leasing in market leading sites in Sweden.
  • Developed and implemented a commercial leasing action plan, which lead to increased customer value and rental income of Grand Central Station Stockholm.
  • In order to sell one shopping centre (Tyresö Centre) Hanna increased turnover, footfall and made suitable refurbishments.
  • Developed a customer strategy and implemented a traning program for all tenants in order to increase turnover.
  • Reducing costs increasing efficiency in energy costs etc. Implemented a BREAM certification in Nacka Forum.
  • Implemented several refurbishment projects to increase value and reduce costs within the assets.
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