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Being dropped into the role of office move organiser can be extremely daunting. Where do you start?

Managing an office move can be time consuming and stressful, particularly if it does not form part of your main job scope. Perhaps you work for a growing company whose size does not yet justify real estate headcount, or maybe, the company you work for has been in their space for so long that no members of the planning team(s) have had to organise a relocation.
Whatever the reason, we realise that suddenly being dropped into the role of office move organiser can be extremely daunting. So where do you start?


Reasons behind an office move
The key driver to a move is usually the upcoming expiry of a lease. While this is what usually kicks things off in the first place, the amount of time needed for lease negotiations is often underestimated.
If you have been asked to manage a move, and are procrastinating about starting, then it is time to just bite the bullet. Not starting the lease negotiation process early enough can cause significant issues further down the line, including a potential increase in costs from areas such as:
  • Rental deal: Reduced negotiating time can lead to businesses paying more than they had originally hoped. Allow plenty of time for negotiation to maximise your chance of getting good deal.
  • Lease extension: When an agreement is reached at a late stage, there may not be adequate time for the new space build-out work, or reinstatement of the existing space. If it becomes necessary to extend the existing lease, you could potentially end up paying double rent for a period.
  • Reduced finishes options: Not having sufficient lead time for specified items means you could end up having to select alternatives which not only would have not been your preferred choice, but could also come at a cost premium. Where an item is a must, expedited delivery can also rack up additional costs.


How much time is needed for an office move?

For those of you anticipating a move, have a look at the chart below which details approximate timelines that you should be allowing for, in order to give yourself the best chance of success.


Colliers REview Singapore blog - OS the big move managing office relocation - Project timelines

A guide to managing an office move - project timelines based on office size (click to enlarge)


Whilst these timescales are indicative, it’s always worth erring on the side of caution and starting things early, particularly if this is your first attempt at planning a move, or your company does not have real estate change procedures in place.

Another thing to note: If you do not understand or require clarification on something, just ask. Even if you think it may sound silly. To make informed decisions or take information back to your stakeholders, it is important that you first understand. Whoever you choose to help you with your move will know the process inside out, and should be well placed to answer any questions you have.

Knowledge is power, and the more you learn this time round, the better you will be prepared next time.

Looking for a new office space? Check in with Colliers' experts for a seamless move, from start to finish.


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