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For Lease

Dituria Shopping Centre is the latest example of project of revitalisation and with its related conversion from older department store into the modern shopping centre. Dituria will provide excelent city centre location on the pedestrian zone and attractive tenant mix. The main unique selling position is set up on the consumer behavior in terms of historical customer´s habbits who used to shop in city centre location. There is no similar project of the modern shopping centre in Levice and also market forecast is very friendly for Dituria in terms of competition and possible tenants which can operate in regional cities.Tenant mix will balance between international and local retailers with strong share of daily services. Stable and attractive tenant mix, inviting architecture and unique position predetermine Dituria Shopping Centre into to the dominant in the region. Dituria Shopping Center is located in pedestrian zone of the Levice city center. Underground parking provides 200 parking spaces.

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