Future trends in design and elevator industry post COVID-19

The current COVID- 19 situation has prompted Consultants to review designs. The current building design should be evaluated from perspective of the immediate / short-term solutions and from long -term perspective. Once this challenging time is over and life gets back to normal, Developers and Occupiers will revert to current norms of occupancy or population density. In the immediate or short term, work from home and social distancing shall continue and the actual numbers of employees coming to workspace may drop. However, the buildings should be designed to be able to address as per the long-term requirement as any changes at later stage on the core sizes or number of elevators may not be possible. Architects may suggest adding a central staircase near lift core (as occupants may prefer staircase more than elevator) or escalators for vertical movement from parking to upper levels.

In terms of elevator capacity, it is dependent on population, waiting period and handling capacity. The numbers are optimised and any further increase in the capacity without change of parameters (for want of social distancing) will have cost impact and also change efficiency rations and as such we may continue to have the current capacities which are optimum.

Real Estate experts are now increasingly emphasising on incorporating technological innovation for elevators with contact less technology, anti-microbial finish, improved ventilation and air flow inside elevator and filtration system etc. and major thrust to the manufacturing in India.

Going forward, there will be increased requirement from project management of having regional manufacturing hubs instead of at one location to minimise any impact of such pandemic on manufacturing in future. Elevator industry is expected to develop indigenously and bring up new technologies like DCS and other innovations to India to manufacture, less reliance on manpower and possibly getting scaffold-less construction, increased IOT based data collection and learning to determine parameters based on actual usage of elevators to help analyse values on which lift traffic analysis was modelled.

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Jatin Shah

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Jatin is a seasoned real estate professional with over 18 years of experience in India.  Jatin has managed entire aspect of project lifecycle development in multiple Projects executed across India and also for International project.

As National Director (MD & Chairman India Office) and with domain expertise of design, procurement cost and overall development he has collaborated and lead teams to provide value-add suggestions and inputs.

Sharing his expertise, knowledge and leadership skills across multiple Projects, Clients have benefitted through the suggestions made by Jatin on cost, time and buildability.

Jatin is also Heads the Technical Due Diligence team as vertical to to provide unbiased techno-commercial advice to investors, lenders and occupiers for them to take informed decisions

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