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High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven
High Tech Campus 24-25 Eindhoven

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest km² in The Netherlands with more than 180 companies and institutes, and some 12,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products.

The Campus helps you accelerate your innovation by offering easy access to high tech facilities and international networks. Campus companies & institutes (a.o. Philips, NXP, IBM, ASML, Intel, TNO, Holst Centre, Solliance, etc.) strategically
decide what knowledge, skills and R&D facilities they share in order to achieve faster, better and more customer-oriented innovation in the application fields Health, Energy and Smart Environments. Located at the heart of the Brainport region Eindhoven, Campus companies are responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications.

- 180 companies, R&D and technology institutes
- 12,000 high-tech experts just around the corner
- 25,000 sq. m. of research and test facilities
- International focused Campus
- Restaurants, shops, and other facilities
- Conference Center with over 500+ events per year
- The presence of investors
- Focus on open innovation

The Smart Industry Hub is a state-of-the-art building and combines the dynamism of high tech R&D and the impact of high tech industry literally under one roof. A new multifunctional building where innovative companies in the high tech field, like TomTom and TNO share their strengths is now available on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The Smart Industry Hub is located at the north side on the Campus, close to parking garage P1-P2. On the north side of the Smart Industry Hub you have an excellent view at the beautiful Dommel river valley. The Strip and all its facilities are on a 5 minute walking distance.

- Multifunctional spaces (office, workspace, lab, showroom)
- Delivery level in consultation
- Light spaces through large windows
- Business partners ‘next door’
- Excellent (tech) infrastructure and facilities (building & campus)
- Units ranging in size from 600 to 3,000 m²
- Large overhead door
- Net free height under construction 6.20 m
- Floor load of 5000 kg per m² (point load)
- Building is based on a 7.20m x 7.20m grid
- Outstanding price-quality ratio

The level of outfitting of the office spaces can be adjusted to the wishes of the lessee. Users can determine the carpeting’s and the layout of the office spaces by using partition walls, allowing you to create exciting concepts
that are ideally suited to your business profile.

Both employees and visitors can park their car at one of the 10 parking facilities on site. The parking facilities P1 and P2 are situated within walking distance of the Smart Industry Hub. For electric cars it is possible to make use of the charging points. In total there are more than 50 charging points on the Campus.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven offers facilities in the form of accommodation as well as facilities for organizations in various businesses, volumes and with specific requirements. Companies within these businesses vary from start-up to multinational companies.

The volumes are available from 25 sq. m. to 10,000+ sq. m. and the specific requirements can vary from regular office space to a cleanroom.

It is already possible to rent an office space at High Tech Campus Eindhoven from € 90.00 per sq. m. Per year excluding service charges.
Customized rental prices available on request.

Own transport: approximately 5 minutes to the A2.
Public transport: approximately 15 minutes to the Central Station / approximately 1 minute to the nearest busstop.