Tenant Advisory Group

Your office is more than an address. It's where business objectives become reality.


Our commitments result in real estate solutions that fit needs — both now and in the future.

Through strategic consulting, ultimate transparency, clear and concise communication, and diligent follow-through, we partner with clients to align business strategy and real estate needs, thereby maximizing the value derived from office space.

  • Strategic planning
  • Market engagement
  • Options analysis
  • Decision implementation
  • Construction/project management
  • Post-lease activities
What is Tenant Advisory?

Our team represents companies looking for new office space; to expand, extend or re-negotiate an existing lease; or to minimize a financial commitment through the sublease of surplus space. We work exclusively for tenants; we do not represent building owners, allowing for full focus on developing and executing the most beneficial real estate strategy possible for occupiers.

The Tenant Advisory Group assists clients in finding the right office space to fit their needs at the lowest cost. Office space is more than just an expense – it is a symbol of your brand, culture and values, contributes to the attraction and retention of top talent, and enhances productivity. We work with company management to understand both how you use real estate and what kind of space in what location will further your business’ success.

By identifying market trends and leveraging our knowledge of the Seattle and Bellevue office markets, our team generates competition between landlords, thereby maximizing value in lease negotiations. We serve office users from across the industry spectrum, from the world’s premier corporations to small businesses and start-ups seeking everything from corporate headquarters to back-office operation locations.

Our Process


-  Engage project team
-  Define objectives
-  Identify internal team and decision tree
-  Determine operational relationships
-  Prepare/Develop space program
-  Confirm timing



-  Understand the market
-  Meet with landlords
-  Evaluate options
-  Conduct building tours; select initial options


-  Prepare and issue RFPs to landlords
-  Analyze RFP responses
-  Evaluate transaction structures
-  Identify pros/cons for each option
-  Determine options to pursue
-  Begin negotiations with landlords



-  Negotiate Letter of Intent and lease
-  Document final lease terms
-  Execute lease
-  Finalize space layout and design
-  Prepare drawings and construction documents
-  Conduct bidding for general contractor
-  Obtain construction permits


-  Determine construction and move-in timeline
-  Submit counteroffers
-  Negotiate with landlords
-  Choose short-list of alternatives
-  Conduct final evaluation of options
-  Select top alternative



-  Coordinate construction
Manage construction costs
-  Conduct value engineering
-  Analyze technology infrastructure
-  Procure/Coordinate vendors
-  Obtain and install furniture
-  Manage move



-  Ongoing analysis of market and opportunities
-  Manage key dates
-  Negotiate renewal, expansion, extension

Select Clients


Don't Just Take Our Word for It

Colliers assisted Avalara in the relocation of its 140,000-SF headquarters in Seattle. Check out this video where the company's Karen Sherwood, Vice President, Global Workplace Experience, thanks the Colliers team for their assistance.

 Avalara logo


“Taylor and Joe worked with our best interests in mind throughout the process which started years before we actually occupied our new space. They listened well to our wants and kept their eyes open for a new space over several years. They continually respected our processes and honestly were a true pleasure to work with during this process. They were an important part of determining our space needs and examined all of the options with us prioritizing both our short and long term business needs. Their constant communication and transparency throughout the process allowed us to feel confident in the decisions we were making. I would highly recommend their team to help solve our office space needs moving forward.”

Kelly Long - Controller


“Tenant Advisory Group helped us grow our office from approximately 1,500 square feet to 35,000 square feet over a couple years. Recently, they created an opportunity for us to simultaneously move into a larger space that accommodated our immediate growth needs while eliminating our existing lease obligation by assigning it to a credible company. This seamless transition eliminated any overlap of paying on multiple lease locations and their ability to completely handle the intricacies of the transactions allowed our team more time to focus our efforts solving core business challenges. Every step of the way Sam and Taylor addressed the many challenges our needs presented with our interests at heart. They understood our objectives and executed a well thought out strategy in a way that maximized our value received in the negotiation process while also getting what we wanted done on a timeline critical to our team. I strongly recommend their team.”

Chris Heaslip - CEO


“Colliers Tenant Advisory Group did a great job for Inspur USA as we grew our local operation. We started our relationship with a conversational meeting where we described to them our immediate business needs and upcoming changes to our team. Colliers identified the best office spaces that aligned with our business goals and then negotiated the best deal possible on our behalf. Their ability to listen to our needs and present options that best fit those needs is what stood out about them. We will definitely be using Colliers Tenant Advisory Group the next time a commercial real estate need arises at Inspur”.

Jay Zhang - VP US Operations


"Taylor and the Colliers team have been flexible and understanding partners to us at Ripl as our growth path has zig-zagged through 4 office spaces and a couple growth periods. Taylor has been incredibly patient during times we've needed to look at sub-leases, long-term leases or just stay put for a few quarters and see what our company hiring plan turned out to be. We started working with them will just a few employees, and over 5 years they've helped us negotiate for great terms on different spaces and buildings. They really understand that with startups, there are a variety of factors on the timing of office space moves including hiring, fundraising, and solving for flex time and flex space needs. Taylor has treated every situation with us like it's no big deal, par for the course, and been a steady hand representing our interests and need for flexible options with building owners and managers. For growing companies that need advice, representation, advocacy and ultimately just understanding of what's different about real estate needs of a startup, Taylor and his Colliers colleagues totally get it."

Clay McDaniel - COO, Paul Ingalls - CEO


“Our organization enjoyed working with Colliers TAG team for our commercial real estate search. Their professionalism and best in class service made finding a first-class office space a successful process.

Their ability to answer questions quickly and build a strategy toward securing a space in a competitive real estate market was excellent.”


"The Colliers TAG team is strategic in their pursuit of exceeding my expectations. I loved working with them.”


“Colliers TAG team was relentless in their efforts to find me the right space that worked for us.

I really appreciate their communication, openness, and professionalism. They are true consultants for my team, not your old-school traditional brokers.

How We Make a Difference

Regional HQ Relocation
21,000 SF


Coca Cola signed a 91-month deal on 20,777 square feet at a Bellevue CBD property. Shortly after occupying the space, organizational changes occurred that moved most of their critical staff off-site, leaving Coca Cola with only 15 employees occupying the space. This created internal stress, as the company updated their corporate standard for office space per employee, and the Bellevue location was immediately identified as an office that was out of compliance. While the rent was ignificantly below market, Coca Cola approached Colliers about assisting with a “right size” relocation for their critical staff, then recovering the maximum amount of rent for which they were liable at their CBD location.


> Understand the client’s needs in a relocation space using RUNCLEAR analysis
> Market the sublease space ASAP
> Identify relocation options
> Create leverage between relocation properties
> Execute a lease at relocation space
> Work with vendors for a smooth transition between spaces
> Recover as much rent from existing space in Bellevue CBD


Using the RUNCLEAR analysis, the Colliers team was able to identify the most important elements for Coca Cola in a relocation space, and after touring the market had three solid options. Throughout the proposal process, Colliers was able to leverage a below market deal for Coca Cola that created roughly $100,000 in savings at their relocation property.

By marketing their sublease space immediately, Colliers was able to structure a deal where a Subtenant was able to occupy half of the Coca Cola space almost immediately, saving Coca Cola roughly $500,000 on their rent before even considering relocating.


HQ Relocation
140,000 SF


Avalara is a growing technology company focusing on sales tax automation. The company had multiple locations in the Seattle area as well as in other markets that it hoped to consolidate under one roof to a new Headquarters in Seattle. There were several significant challenges that Colliers faced as we began the process of exploring alternatives. The Seattle real estate market was becoming increasingly tight and large blocks of space were scarce. Further complicating the issue was finding space that allowed the company to retain its corporate culture allowing it to retain existing staff as well as attract new talent. Additionally the company was poised for substantial expansion with projections of growing by over 200% within 36 months.


> Negotiating an aggressive built in expansion schedule for Avalara which would allow them to space pocket significant blocks of space staggered out over the first 36 months of the term Market the sublease space ASAP
> Securing rights for further expansion within the building giving Avalara comfort that they will not be boxed in on their long term commitment
> Achieve above market capital for tenant improvements which will allow Avalara to construct space that achieves their goals of maintaining corporate culture and enabling them to attract top talent


Colliers is currently negotiating an aggressive built in expansion schedule for Avalara which would allow them to space pocket significant blocks of space staggered out over the first 36 months of the term. We are also securing rights for further expansion within the building giving Avalara comfort that they will not be boxed in on their long term commitment. We anticipate achieving above market capital for tenant improvements which will allow Avalara to construct space that achieves their goals of maintaining corporate culture and enabling them to attract top talent. Further, we have negotiated for substantial signage meeting the branding goals Avalara had set out to achieve.


HQ Relocation
63,000 SF


Mulvanny G2 was three years away from termination option on its 63,000 square foot headquarters lease in Bellevue, WA and wanted to either design a new office building or mixed-use project where they could be the anchor tenant or refurbish to LEED specifications an older downtown Seattle building. Mulvanny G2’s management team were also in the process of rebranding the company as “MG2” which included a potential relocation back to Seattle to further their growing international reputation and enhance their ability to recruit young and creative architectural talent.


> In conjunction with MG2 leadership, Colliers created a unique comprehensive checklist comparing the positive and negative impact a relocation to Seattle or staying in Bellevue would have on the company culture and major clients
> Considering the limited time frame to design, permit and build an office building or mixed use project, the Colliers team focused and selected sites and developers who could meet our time frame
> Colliers team provided comprehensive net present value financial models of total lease and relocation cost of new construction finalist buildings compared to the refurbishment alternatives


Colliers was able to deliver an extremely affordable and under market long term lease in fully refurbished and LEED Gold certified creative office building known as 1101 2nd Avenue. In additional Colliers was able to create a cost sharing solution with new their new landlord that allowed them to exit their building in Bellevue prior to their lease termination which was important for the
rebranding. The selection of the refurbished building was also key to continued successful relationship with their long standing
customers including Costco Wholesale. As a result of their successful negotiation on their assignment, Colliers has been retained and successfully sublet the Portland office, and downsized the Washington DC office.


10,000 SF


Pushpay had recently leased a small space on short term two (2) year term and were only 30 days from their initial public offering on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). The US division of the company had just relocated from San Diego and due to the pending IPO and cash infusion, needed to quickly ramp up hiring efforts to justify the anticipated investment. Their current Redmond WA location could not accommodate any further growth with their anticipated hiring efforts. They needed a solution to quickly accommodate a much larger presence in the US and attract the best new talent, while retaining current employees and enhance company culture.


> The Colliers team created an aggressive marketing strategy to sublease Pushpay’s current space in line with a targeted lease commencement date on a larger new space
> Carefully analyzed space options taking into consideration realistic expectations for the timing involved in each phase of the leasing process including selection of short listed properties, Request for Proposal and lease negotiations, space planning, permitting, construction and final occupancy
> Emphasized to prospective landlords that Pushpay’s required tenant improvements would be attractive to other tech users and would enhance the value of the suite and building even after Pushpay potentially outgrew the space..


Colliers was able to target and deliver on a space that achieved all goals of the client including talent attraction/retention, timeline, budget, and location. In addition, the Colliers team was able to successfully sublease their previous space to a subtenant with an occupancy timeline that aligned with Pushpay’s target occupancy date at the new location. The deal was completed at sublease rates that virtually eliminated their previous lease obligation which was Pushpay’s number one priority. In addition, the Colliers team was able to negotiate a flexible lease term that allowed for future growth and termination options should the landlord be unable to accommodate their growth.

Our Commitment to the Community

Stairing is Caring 2019

This year, Colliers had THREE teams looking to challenge themselves for the benefit of Childhaven. Together, they climbed 19,260 stairs and raised $1,611. Great job to Bill Cooper, Taylor Olson, Jeff Jeremiah, Casey Anderson and Lisa Araiza!

 Stairing is Caring Event

Community Volunteering 2019 : Food Lifeline 

For our first community volunteering event in 2019, the Tenant Advisory Group and about 40 volunteers went to Food Lifeline, a non-profit organization that sorts and distributes food goods to over 300 food banks, shelters, and meal programs locally. Combined, they were able to contribute 9181 meals back to the community.

Click here to view the event video



Geekwire Bash 2019 - Dodgeball Champions

Every year the Tenant Advisory Group and other Colliers employees battle it out in the Geekwire Dodgeball Tournament. This year the Colliers team dodged, ducked, and dove their way to the championship and the golden dodgeball trophy!


Stairing is Caring 2018

Our team of Bill Cooper, Taylor Olson and Jeff Jeremiah participated in Stairing is Caring @ Safeco Field, climbing up and down the 123 stairs of the stadium for donations to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance


Geekwire Bash 2018

Every year the Tenant Advisory Group and other Colliers employees battle it out in the Geekwire Dodgeball Tournament

Supporting Local Sports 

The Tenant Advisory Group supports local youth sports, like the Pacific Scooter Experience (PSX) in Redmond, WA.

Brokerage experts
Bill Cooper
Executive Vice President

Bill joined the Colliers International Bellevue Office in 2011. He specializes in Tenant representation in the Puget Sound Region and is a member of the Colliers Occupier Services Group. Bill provides a high level of service and expertise for his client’s corporate real estate needs both regionally and nationally. He delivers measurable results to his clients and believes a team approach is paramount to solving today’s complex real estate challenges. Bill has Twenty years of industry experience, eleven as a broker and nine managing corporate relocations, design and renovations on behalf of his clients. A high functioning work space is critical to a company’s success. Bill uses his expertise in advising his clients throughout the entire process. 


View expert
Jeff Jeremiah
Associate Vice President

Jeff joined the Colliers Bellevue Office in 2013 as an Associate, bringing over five years of commercial real estate experience with him. He is working with Bill Cooper and Taylor Olson, exclusively representing Tenants with a focus on leasing in the Eastside market. His in-depth local market knowledge and strong work ethic make him a valuable resource for his clients. Jeff’s passion for assisting his clients and exceeding their expectations has led to over $202.8 million dollars in transactions and 3.1 million square feet leased.

Prior to Colliers, Jeff began his commercial real estate career serving as Assistant Property Manager at two of Seattle’s premier Class A buildings. Jeff was the primary point of contact for communication between ownership and their tenants and vendors. Always mindful of customer satisfaction, he focused on exceeding expectations and fulfilling clients needs. Additionally, Jeff managed multi-million dollar contracts and capital projects on-site. From his experience in property management, Jeff earned a reputation for client service, respect from the local brokerage community, and attained the necessary knowledge to assist his clients in achieving their strategic business goals.

View expert
Taylor Olson
Associate Vice President

Taylor began his career as a Research Specialist at Colliers International while earning his MBA at Seattle University. Taylor joined the Tenant Advisory Group in 2012 focusing on office tenant representation in the Puget Sound Region. The Tenant Advisory Group provides a high level of expertise and customer service to its clients. The teams focus is tenant representation, leasing, and office sales in the Puget Sound region. Taylor’s role within the team is to convey the team’s collective commercial market knowledge to the business challenges their clients face. The integration of office space and current business challenges such as retention and hiring are becoming more prevalent in today’s marketplace. Taylor’s unique MBA background allows him to relate, on a business level, the challenges major decision makers face every day and work directly with them on real estate strategy’s that facilitate the solutions to those business challenges.

View expert
Elizabeth Araiza
Senior Client Services Specialist

Lisa joined Colliers in the Los Angeles Market in 2016 and served as a Client Services Coordinator. In 2017, Lisa was recruited by Bill Cooper and his team to join the Bellevue, WA office as a Client Services Specialist and Associate. 

Lisa brings over 5 years of experience to the team and specializes in Tenant representation, client services, account management and marketing.

She strives to creatively resolve any challenge that may arise during the life of a transaction, ultimately ensuring that every step of the process is successful and keeping the team on track to reach the client’s goals.

Lisa holds a broker license in Washington.

View expert
Tony Ford
Executive Vice President
Tony joined the Colliers International Seattle office in 2011 as Senior Vice President. He has over 22 years of experience in commercial real estate brokerage and management. Tony represents both Tenants and Landlords in the Seattle area and specializes in Corporate Real Estate advisory, strategic real estate planning, consulting and brokerage services. His business is based on fostering long term relationships with partners and clients as a trusted strategic advisor. He is known for delivering objective, well thought out, comprehensive negotiating advice and realtime market insight allowing his clients to capitalize on every suitable opportunity based on his extensive experience in the market place.
View expert
Joe Riley
Vice President

Joe Riley joined Colliers’ Seattle office in 2011 and is a founding member of the Colliers’ Puget Sound Tenant Advisory Group.  Joe specializes in tenant representation, working with corporate and local businesses, ranging from start-ups to venture capital-funded growth companies to define their real estate needs, develop and implement high-level strategy and guide his clients through the process of renewing, relocating, or expanding their facilities locally and globally.  Joe provides the highest level of service and expertise to deliver measurable results to his clients. 

View expert
Andrew Shultz
Associate Vice President
View expert
Leigh Callaghan
Senior Vice President

Leigh Callaghan is a Senior Vice President in Colliers International’s Seattle, WA office. He has been active in the local commercial real estate market for over 33 years and a member of the Colliers family for 30 years.  Leigh specializes in office leasing and tenant advisory services in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has also assisted national and global organizations including Robert Half International, Getty Images, Clearwire and Adobe with portfolio planning, strategy development, and transaction management and execution in both the Puget Sound and other markets.

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Supporting staff
Mary Ryan
Marketing Director

Mary Ryan is Colliers International’s Director of Marketing & Research for the Puget Sound Region. She leads all marketing and communications initiatives in the greater Seattle and Bellevue, WA markets, working with management to position the firm and its professionals as commercial real estate experts, and create and execute brand, promotional and business development strategies that achieve both corporate goals and service business plans. Ms. Ryan also oversees Colliers' Research operation in the region, providing guidance on the collection, analysis and use of information to the benefit of both clients and firm professionals.

Ms. Ryan’s responsibilities include the support of business pursuits through presentations, proposals and innovative tools; development of new collateral, thought leadership, and content marketing; promotion of the Colliers identity; execution of internal and external communications and public relations programs; maximization of social media and digital marketing; production of accurate and timely market information and evaluation; and incorporation of innovative ideas, cutting-edge technology and best practices into the Puget Sound platform.

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Denin Grcic
Research Analyst

Denin is a real estate thought leader for the Puget Sound region specializing in conveying market trends, market research, and analysis. Denin is responsible for producing the Puget Sound Region's quarterly reports, providing brokers with market intel and data, and publishing white papers concerning interesting regional trends.  Denin previously performed business and financial analysis at a real estate focused boutique investment bank. 

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