Todd Steffen

On April 12, 2018, Todd Steffen, vice president of supply chain and logistics consulting at Colliers International | Chicago, was a panelist at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville's Global Supply Chain Institute Forum. The biannual forum draws the top supply chain leaders in the United States at companies ranging from IBM, Cummins and Kimberly Clark to Procter & Gamble and FedEx.

Along with executives from FedEx and Kimberly Clark, Todd was a panelist on the topic of supply chain megatrends, including:

1. Financial Impact of Improved SC Performance
2. E-Commerce and Omni-Channel impact on supply chain networks and operations
3. Digital innovation changes the way supply chains operate and perform
4. Automation, Robotics and Technology
5. Blockchain
6. Talent and Labor Issues

The biannual forum promotes continuous learning and collaboration in the supply chain industry.

Todd is a current Supply Chain Institute Forum advisory board member and also previously served on the board from 2012-2015.