Switch Success Story


Switch Pyramid Campus | 4200 60th Street SE, Kentwood, MI 49512



Steelcase no longer had a need for their iconic pyramid-shaped headquarters and, after years of unsuccessful marketing efforts, considered bulldozing the building and marketing the land. Colliers International | West Michigan office advisor Tom DeBoer potentially had the perfect client as a result of a previous deal in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Although unable to visit the site in person, Norman Properties, a development company based in Reno, Nevada, relied on Tom’s vast experience and detailed summary to make their decision to quickly move forward with a proposed offer.


Tom and Norman Properties consulted to come up with a strategy to find a suitable tenant for the building. This extremely unique building would require a very specific buyer. Tom and Norman Properties wanted to make the space as functional as possible to attract the right tenant for the building as well as the surrounding community.


Norman Properties had just begun discussions with a company called SWITCH who was quickly becoming a world leader for data center hosting space. Tom requested that Norman Properties ask SWITCH if they would visit The Pyramid to consult on what to do with the basement level data center space. Immediately taken aback by the design of the building, SWITCH agreed to look at the property, but not as a consultant for the data center. Instead, they expressed interest in the building as a potential buyer to facilitate an East Coast presence they had already been searching for.


With the help of multiple city officials, architectural and engineering firms, and a wide variety of other professionals, Colliers was able to secure SWITCH as a long-term tenant/owner who was new to the market. Upon completion, SWITCH is expected to bring over 1,000 new jobs and a capital investment of approximately $5 billion to West Michigan. To house such a cutting edge business is considered an unparalleled opportunity for any community and made this a transaction that will likely change West Michigan as a whole.