Hartford Marriott Downtown

Hartford, CT

PMNE Hartford_Marriott_Downtown_467x311 

Colliers was engaged to provide a retro-commissioning building survey and investigation of the Hartford Marriott Downtown, a 21-story, 320,000 square foot structure constructed of a mixture of steel and concrete with a glass and masonry exterior. This 409 room hotel includes a main floor lobby, restaurants, a bar/lounge, administrative and operational offices, a ball room, meeting rooms and conference rooms, a pool, a Jacuzzi and a fitness room.  The building has one main electric meter and an additional electric meter that serves the fire pump.  The facility is a non-interruptible natural gas customer and uses gas for cooking and the pool heater.

Colliers conducted the survey to present a broad assessment of the major energy consuming equipment and systems within the facility and identify potential retro-commissioning opportunities, implementation costs, estimated annual electrical savings, and estimated annual metered utility savings.