Does Your Office Space Attract Talent and Retain It?

March 2019, Raleigh-Durham

One of the biggest challenges for companies is attracting and retaining a talented team of employees, especially in a market as hot as the Triangle. Many employers are taking note of this and realizing that their office space plays a key role.

Where does my talent live?

There’s a reason this often-used real estate expression “location, location, location” has stood the test of time. With the work force having many options of growing companies to join, the office location is taken into deep consideration. Over recent years, when our initial qualifying conversations with clients turn to location, decision-makers often say, “it doesn’t matter where I live, it matters where my employees live.”

The day of the office being located near the CEO has for many gone out the window, and the focus has shifted to the employees. And that means, ultimately, the corporate culture will dictate the environment and space for the business and how that translates to the workforce experience. [...]