Welcome to Waltonville, Where the World's Richest Family Reigns

The largest family fortune on earth is run out of two floors of unmarked suites in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The building is a discreet nerve center for the Walton family's $152 billion hoard. There are plenty more overt signs of their success in the heart of the city.

The town square features the former five-and-dime store -- now a museum -- that family patriarch Sam Walton opened in 1950, which was the launch-pad for Walmart Inc. Across the square is branch of Arvest Bank -- also owned by the family -- while a short walk south brings visitors to the grounds of Crystal Bridges, a $1.2 billion museum of American art built with Walton money on Family-owned land in an Ozark forest.

The there are the stores, warehouses and low-slung headquarters of Walmart that dot the landscape for miles around and underscore the size of the $500 billion sales behemoth that's the bedrock of the family fortune.

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