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Commercial Lease Opportunity | 15419 NW US Highway 441

For Lease

$21 - $28 USD

This 1.24 acre site is located on the north side of US 441 at NW 154th Avenue. The existing site is proposed for redevelopment and is expected to include a new 8,450 SF building. The site is located within the City of Alachua with a zoning designation of Commercial Intensive. We expect specialty retail, personal services, restaurants, shops, and similar uses will desire this space due to its presence on US 441, proximity to other uses in Alachua, and the new re-developed aesthetics of a new building. A liquor store is occupying one end-cap space of 2,925 SF. Three lease spaces of 1,105-1,235 SF are available as well as an end-cap space of 1,950 SF with potential outdoor seating.

Property Details