Unreserved Rates (monthly)

  • Unreserved parking rates in Atlanta’s urban core increased for a third consecutive year in 2018. The average is now at $103 per month, up 4% compared to last year’s survey. Over the three year period, the average has increased 11%. The high and low amounts remain unchanged this year. Midtown had the highest increase in its unreserved average. The amount is now at $112 per month (the highest in the city) and is up 9% year-over-year.

Reserved Rates (monthly)

  • Like the above, Atlanta’s reserved parking rates also saw its average increase in 2018. This year’s rate went to $147 per month which is up 5% compared to last year. The overall low reserved space remained the same at $60 per month, located at Atlanta Tech Village. Meanwhile, the high showed a substantial increase over last year and now stands at $340 per month. This rate was confi rmed to be located at the Hurt Building in Downtown;an unusual location for such a high reserved parking rate. This new overall high resulted in Downtown having the highest average increase this year at 10%.

Daily Maximums & Hourly Rates

  • Parking for the day in Atlanta’s urban core increased in both the hourly category and the daily category. The average daily maximum rate is up a couple of dollars from last year to $16. The hourly average is up a dollar to $6. Daily high averages are up across all submarkets. Both the daily low and daily high amounts are located in Downtown.



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