2016 Q4 Office Charleston Report

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Silicon Harbor - The Port of Call for the 21st Century

Key Takeaways

  • Silicon Harbor is rapidly expanding.
  • Employers are creating more open, flexible and dense floorplans.

The Silicon Harbor is Taking Off

Charleston’s technology sector is growing rapidly, producing some of the nation’s fastest growing companies, including Boomtown, Bibliolabs, Blue Acorn, Ceterus, Good Done Great and Phishlabs. It is growing so fast, in fact, that Fast Company has named Charleston the Silicon Valley of the East Coast, or Silicon Harbor. Charleston possesses the building blocks necessary for thriving technology companies: intellectual capital, monetary capital and a talent pool with executive experience. Claiming that trifecta, Charleston has become a burgeoning technology hub with four primary sectors: aerospace, cybersecurity, customer front-facing software and back-end management databases. There are currently more than 11,000 people employed in technology-related fields throughout the Charleston-North Charleston Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Charleston office report

2016 Q4 Office Charleston Report

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