Occupier Services and Corporate Solutions

Bring expertise and agility to your real estate solutions

Our Occupier Services and Corporate Solutions team works as an extension of your own, bringing a unique combination of deep expertise within each integrated service area and an enterprising culture made up of people who are at Colliers to make a difference through our passion for flexibility, innovation and speed. From developing cost-saving strategies to implementing technology and workplace solutions to fuel growth, our team works to maximize efficiencies for your business.

Your single, dedicated point of contact will provide the account leadership, performance management and governance systems to drive value, align your real estate strategy with your business objectives and convert your real estate footprint into a competitive advantage. To accomplish this, we offer solutions centered on our user-friendly and non-proprietary Colliers360 technology and our consulting expertise. Combined with our relentless effort to be “easy to do business with,” we enable your team to focus on your business.


Listen to our global research experts discuss the economic & real estate impacts to multinational companies with locations or potential real estate activity in China. Download the presentation or view recording to find out what occupiers can do to mitigate risk.

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An effective real estate strategy is cost effective while also providing maximum support to your employees and operations. Our team of business and portfolio consulting specialists combine business strategy expertise and corporate real estate knowledge to help your company build and maintain competitive advantage through enhancing your real estate footprint. We begin the consulting process by learning about your company, with an emphasis on your challenges and understanding your workforce and its role in your success.

Our business and portfolio team provides consulting services focused on aligning your real estate strategy with your core business, resulting in optimized real estate assets and increased productivity. These services include access to the Colliers360 platform, a fully-integrated, scalable dashboard and analytics software. Utilizing our Place Strategy® methodology, we construct forward-thinking occupancy strategies that can quickly adapt to shifting business conditions.
Developing a healthy supply chain is an opportunity to eliminate unnecessary expenses, safeguard against disruptive incidents and differentiate your company from your competition. Our team of supply chain and logistics consulting experts can help you develop and implement innovative strategies to align your supply chain execution with your company’s business objectives.

We work with your team to research and understand your company’s needs, obstacles and goals to determine how many locations your company requires in order to thrive, evaluate how e-commerce can help you meet your goals, develop an effective supply chain and design and build facilities that optimize your company’s success.

Defining a portfolio strategy for real estate within a digital network is an increasingly complex process. With more than 70% of all applications now being housed in the cloud, many companies need a new take on their technology-based real estate strategies. You need an approach that reflects where business and technology demands are evolving and provides recommendations on both the physical footprint and the digital ecosystem necessary to support effective delivery.

The Data Center & Digital Consulting practice provides advisory services focused on analyzing the multitude of data, cloud, network and supporting business models that result in more agile network and footprint opportunities. Partnering with our technology solutions brokerage professionals, we create actionable plans that lead to the highest value for real estate while reducing capital and operating budgets for our clients.

Understanding how best to utilize rapidly evolving technologies can be a challenge for even the savviest of companies. Our technology services specialists work with your team to identify your objectives and help you meet them with the right technology solutions.

Whether you have already adopted an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) technology or have never deployed a lease administration database, our specialists deliver solutions with real-time integration and centralization of information relying on non-proprietary systems that offer you freedom and long-term sustainability.

As part of our services, you gain access to the Colliers360 dashboard, which is a fully-integrated, scalable dashboard and analytics platform. Colliers360 is a highly customizable tool that can be utilized to address your unique needs and concerns.
Your workplace is vital to the success of your company — impacting culture, recruitment and employee productivity and wellness. Our workplace consulting specialists align your company goals and culture with your physical space to create a healthy workplace culture and communicate your organizational values to your clients and the world.

Relocations and expansions provide exciting opportunities to modernize your office environment and ensure that you’re getting the best use out of each square foot. Our team utilizes the latest research, along with our field-tested set of proprietary tools and methods, to create workplace solutions that address your unique business and cultural needs.
Core services
When you have multiple sites, managing leases can quickly become a cumbersome process. By partnering with our lease administration experts, you can save time and money through a more efficient lease management process. We draw upon our dedicated resources, technology and market knowledge to streamline lease administration, eliminating issues such as billing errors and overpayment.

Whether you already have a lease administration database or are seeking an optimal system, your Colliers professional can help you by abstracting leases, tracking critical lease dates, auditing landlord invoices and negotiating recoveries, budgeting real estate expenses and managing real estate portfolios.

In our experience, many landlord reconciliation statements contain inaccuracies that can be uncovered during an annual audit and addressed to avoid future overcharge. Our lease auditing services can help you take advantage of your review rights and opportunities to realize savings. These efforts and more can help deliver a compelling return on investment through thoughtful lease administration processes.
Selecting the right site for your business, renegotiating a lease or deciding to expand, contract or dispose of your facility can be complex decisions — especially when dealing with multiple sites in multiple markets. Our transaction management professionals partner with local market experts and specialists within property types and industry sectors to ensure you achieve the best solution.

We leverage in-depth market knowledge, sophisticated financial tools, site-selection mapping and move-management techniques to deliver the most efficient and effective tactical implementation for your tenancy needs. For property dispositions, we develop and execute detailed property marketing strategies based on your specific goals.

By partnering with the rest of our Corporate Solutions team, we commit our global strength and resources to ensuring your transaction management strategy succeeds across entire countries, cross-border regions and global portfolios.
For many companies, managing a construction or renovation project while operating a business can be an overwhelming experience. By partnering with our project management specialists, Colliers will work on your behalf through every phase of the construction life cycle from pre-planning to site evaluation to project closeout. Our experts leverage local, national and international contacts and market knowledge to procure the best vendors, equipment, design and construction to meet your project’s unique needs.

Our project management experts include certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®) and LEED®-accredited green building experts dedicated to providing end-to-end support, delivered through a single point of accountability for your convenience.
An efficiently run property can help your business increase productivity and decrease operational costs. However, the facilities management process can be time-consuming, requiring a nuanced understanding of construction, maintenance, mechanical and electrical engineering, mail and food services and more. Our facilities management professionals partner with your team to deliver full-service solutions that meet all of your needs.

Our engineering experts will help you achieve the highest performance possible from your facilities to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce operational costs and optimize planning strategies for the life of the assets. Through our IMPAK web-based work order management system and customer service center hubs, we offer around-the-clock execution and active measurement and management of your operations.

Top questions about Occupier Services and Corporate Solutions


Our experts will provide you with a range of services, including consulting, technology services (through our Colliers360 platform), lease administration, transaction management, project management and facilities management.

We have helped clients through all types of change, including the organizational design or “charter” of your internal corporate real estate function, explosive organic business growth, mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, geographic and talent strategy shifts, brand transformation and aggressive cost reduction.  

Our experts can create, support and execute strategies that align with your business objectives. We will work with your team to understand those objectives, assess your current reality, develop business cases and alternative scenarios, make a recommendation and then implement your decision.

Our Colliers360 dashboard technology is a great place to start. This technology can help you establish data accessibility and then visualize the data to make it easier to use. With or without the support of Colliers360 technology, we can develop or revise your master portfolio strategy and the area and location plans to support that strategy.  

To manage your portfolio, we bring together teams with specialized expertise based on your needs — whether that includes workplace strategy and change management, supply chain and logistics network optimization, distribution centers, data centers, retail stores or health care facilities. We can leverage your existing approach to execute transactions and projects consistently and with agility, or we can re-engineer transaction and project processes to improve efficiency.

In addition, we are able to uncover savings and cost avoidance strategies through our lease administration services — using your existing technology, our platform or other tools — while accurately managing your database of leases, auditing expenses and even outsourcing the rent payment process.

We have experience reducing costs and creating value in many different ways, as each client has a unique situation. Some businesses can benefit from reducing the number of locations and the amount of space occupied or shifting locations around the corner or across the globe as a part of a workforce/talent strategy. Others can create value by deploying negotiating strategies to take advantage of the market environment and other conditions, or leveraging buying power across your expenses (rent) and capital (fit-out) spend. Still others can reduce costs by recovering expense overcharges, or balancing traditional leased space needs with new opportunities that offer maximum flexibility, such as co-working and serviced office facilities. Lastly, we save some clients money through the benefits of outsourcing, offering variable resources and scalability instead of their current fixed cost model. 

We typically measure how much value we have added relative to our fees, and in many cases that can be substantial.

To attract and inspire top talent, many companies are taking a cue from research that highlights the importance of a vibrant workplace that prioritizes employee health and well-being. As changes naturally occur in your real estate portfolio, a comprehensive workplace design strategy can help you uncover opportunities to lower health care costs, drive productivity, increase engagement and improve recruitment. Our team of experts applies a structured process to make your workplace a welcoming, productive environment.

We aim for our clients to realize the benefits of technology, regardless of whether that is through Colliers’ technology or other tools and systems. We have become known for our Colliers360 technology, which is built on a non-proprietary platform so clients can control their own destiny. We typically get the first phase up and running within 90 days, and we anticipate and accommodate the clients’ changing needs after the initial setup.
The most widely used Colliers360 functionalities are the business intelligence and analytics dashboards and the WorkTrac Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS). The dashboards integrate diverse client data sources without requiring a client to make changes if not appropriate. Our goal is to enable clients to manage their real estate portfolios with greater efficiency, consistency and accuracy — enhancing communication with stakeholders and identifying opportunities for savings or other improvements.
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Tools and Resources


Global Occupier Guide

 GOG CTA 175x1753c 

Use this tool as a reference guide to gain insight and data 
into the dynamics that impact your business 
in over 80 markets around the world.
This includes relative measures for office/industrial:
Lease Transactions; Fit-out and Construction;
Business Environment; and Government Incentives.

Global Occupier Guide

Lease Compass Tool

Lease Compass CTA 175x175

Lease Compass is an online calculator to help navigate
the new lease accounting standards published
by the U.S. GAPP and the IFRS.
Enter basic lease terms to generate
financial modeling/analysis and export
reports to PDF and/or Excel.

Lease Compass Tool
Occupier Services and Corporate Solutions Leadership
Scott Nelson
CEO Occupier Services - Global

Scott Nelson is CEO, Occupier Services | Global at Colliers International and is responsible for strategy and leadership of the Occupier Services business unit. Occupier Services makes up the platform of tools and talent that supports our professionals leading Occupier client relationships, including: tenant representation and project management assignments, multi-market accounts, and Corporate Solutions outsourcing engagements.  Corporate Solutions includes service lines such as Solutions Development, Innovation (Consulting and Technology Services including our Colliers360 Technology), Account Management, Lease Administration, Transaction Management, Project Management, and Facilities Management.  Occupier Services is organized globally under Scott’s leadership, with robust platforms and major client engagements based in all regions of the Americas, EMEA and APAC. 

View expert
Chris Zlocki
Head of Service Excellence, Executive Vice President Occupier Services | Global
Denver - Downtown

I am focused on ensuring Colliers' Occupier Services clients receive best-in-class service delivery reinforced by a mindset of continuous improvement. My responsibilities include: account growth, setting direction on account strategy & innovation initiatives with an emphasis on maximizing service excellence, regular strategic engagement with clients, executive sponsor of our program to develop our account executives and directors and ongoing leadership of Technology and Consulting Services in the Americas.

Global Occupier Services Outsourced Account Leadership                                                                                                                                                              Executive Oversight & Governance for Outsourced Account Solutions for Tech Sector Clients                                                                                          Footprint & Real Estate Portfolio Planning
Business Intelligence Platform & KPI Development
M&A Integration Roadmaps & Operational Playbooks
CRE Organizational Effectiveness & Design
Capital Planning & Forecasting

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Craig Youst
Executive Vice President, Account Management

As Executive Vice President, Account Management at Colliers International, Craig and his team lead some of Colliers major global clients including BAE Systems, Schneider Electric, SAP, Nokia, and others. Our Account Management team provides strategic direction and execution across multiple service lines – Portfolio Strategy, Transactions, Project Management, Technology, Lease Administration, Consulting, Workplace Strategy, Data Centers, Supply Chain, Property Tax, and other areas.

Craig is a leader and business partner with over 20 years-experience leading Corporate Real Estate, Portfolio Strategy, Design & Construction, and Facilities Operations groups across the globe. Craig is an open-minded advocate of pursuing creative and innovative problem-solving solutions to difficult challenges, prioritizing service, cost, and benefit to our clients.

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Warwick Johnston
EVP, Solutions Development

Warwick Johnston is Head of Solutions Development, Corporate Solutions | Americas at Colliers International and is responsible for leadership of all aspects of Corporate Solutions business development and marketing. Corporate Solutions houses the service lines that are typically offered to multi-market and/or multi-service Occupier Clients.  These service lines include Strategy and Innovation (consulting and technology services and lease administration), Account Management, Solutions Development, Transaction Management, Project Management, and Facilities Management.  As part of leading Solutions Development, Warwick also works actively with some clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their key business strategies, create a customized solution to meet their objectives and hand over to the deployment team for the execution of that strategy on an on-going basis.


View expert
Holly Hughes

As President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Colliers International | Atlanta, Holly Hughes is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Atlanta office. She works collaboratively with the Chairman/CEO and all the key leaders inside the Atlanta office to ensure the highest quality of client services and execution of local, regional and business line operations. In her role, Holly serves as an example of servant leadership - embracing change and setting examples for the organization. She develops and oversees the implementation of programs and infrastructure that increases the potential for adding value, strengthening client relationships and growing existing business.

In her current role as President and COO of Colliers International Atlanta, Holly seeks to best meet her clients' evolving needs by bringing more innovation to help solve their problems.  She has her eyes firmly set on future goals to continue to build and leverage upon the amazing culture and work environment at Colliers, make certain that business lines are supported with resources, technology, innovation, expertise and other support to allow the team to serve clients in a superior manner, and finally, to recruit top talent that adds to the client service offering while enhancing culture.

Holly joined Colliers International as CEO of Colliers International Real Estate Management Services Atlanta and Colliers Facility Solutions in February of 2014. She led a team of professionals dedicated to safeguarding Colliers client’s investments and prolonging the life of the assets for the properties that they manage. She says that a simple philosophy guides everyone on her teams: they treat each property like it is their own. That way they do more to solve their clients’ problems, more to develop tailored solutions to meet their client's goals and provide more personal attention that gives their clients peace of mind.

Holly’s real estate career started at Carter, an Atlanta real estate investment and development firm, where she excelled in several leadership roles. As Executive Vice President she oversaw all facets of their 25 million square foot real estate portfolio. As chief administrative officer she was responsible for finance, accounting, IT, HR, marketing, infrastructure and running and supporting business strategy.

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Andrew Gladden
Senior Vice President, Project Management

Experienced construction and real state professional with a decade of experience in many asset classes. Proven track record of nationally recognized, award winning work. Ability to oversee multiple projects in various stages of design and construction simultaneously nationwide. Leader with the ability to manage teams of multiple professionals to successfully acheive project objectives. Experienced in overseeing entire divison and department within an organization. Organized and diligent in all tasks and activites. Problem solver with the ability to be resourceful to overcome challanges and set backs. Effective communicator with the ability to work well within a number of different audiences.


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Alicia Fritter
Senior Vice President, Operations
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