The Interlinking of Paper Supply Chains

As I walked through the grocery store checking items off of my list, I kept skipping that one dreaded item that’s always so hard to find these days—paper towels. Would there even be any in stock? Would I be limited to one measly roll? Turning down the aisle to learn my fate, I thought, “Why hasn’t the supply chain caught up yet?” After all, what really goes into making paper towels beyond grinding down a tree or two and shipping it off to the market?

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Tommy Gilmore


Los Angeles - Inland Empire

Based in Colliers International’s Ontario office, Gilmore joined the firm in June 2019. As an industrial expert, Gilmore works with owners and users of industrial properties both in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire submarkets.

Tommy is a resourceful and energetic advocate for his clients’ interests. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he played rugby. He graduated with honors with a degree in Spanish and a minor in Business. He went on to become the first American-born rugby player to reach the Argentina Top 12 Premiership as a member of the Lomas Athletic Club in Buenos Aires. Today, Tommy brings the same work ethic and tenacity that brought him success with professional rugby to his career in commercial real estate.

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