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The property is located at Business Park De Vaart in Almere. Approximately 12,800 sqm gross floor area and 170 parking lots. This location is one of the most central business areas in the Netherlands. Close to several modalities such as Schiphol Airport, Lelystad Airport and Port of Amsterdam. Almere is an attractive industrial area with competitive lease prices compared with Amsterdam and Utrecht. The best fiber optic infrastructure of the Netherlands. The zoning plan of this area offers a high environmental category. This makes the location attractive for both logistics and industrial companies. Since its construction in 1994, the property has been occupied by Cascade. Cascade is looking for an available (smaller) facility for rent in combination with selling the current facility. The available supply of labor force, unlike most logistics hotspots in the Netherlands. Almere is the largest city in the province of Flevoland. It is located in the west side of Flevoland, close to the province of North-Holland. The property is located at business park De Vaart on the northern side of Almere (Almere Buiten). This is the largest business park in the city, both in surface area and number of jobs. All kinds of industrial activities are present in this area. There is also a quay in the area that is owned by the government. Companies as Mitsubishi, PontMeyer, Yakult and Ballast Nedam are located in the vicinity of the property. The business park is nearly fully occupied. There are three plots still available for allocation. In addition, there are several strips of land that can still be issued (additional land allocation possibility). There are also a number of private undeveloped plots that have been issued, but are not in use. DISTANCE FROM DAMSLUISWEG 56 Amsterdam: 34 km - 35 minutes (via A6 and A1) Schiphol Airport: 45 km – 36 minutes (via A6, A1 and A4) Utrecht: 41 km - 40 minutes (via A27) Rotterdam: 100 km - 1 hour 20 minutes (via A27 and A12) The Hague: 87 km - 1 hour 15 minutes (via A4) Antwerp: 164 km - 2 hours There are six train stations located in Almere. Trains depart in the direction of: - The Hague - Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Zwolle - Utrecht - Groningen COSTS Prospective purchasers must bear their own costs in respect of the bidding process, the negotiation and conclusion of any contract negotiations, including their costs for property due dilligence as well as legal and tax advice. The vendor has appointed Colliers International and Nienaber Bedrijfsmakelaars to act on its behalf on an exclusive, retained basis in the proposed transaction of the specified property. BASIS OF TRANSACTION The vendor will remove the spray booth and the related installations. After removing, the facility will be sold in the current state on a "as is/where is" basis. COMMUNICATION Prospective purchasers are not permitted to contact the vendor, nor any of its respective directors, officers, advisors, employees or agents directly at this stage. Please contact the assigned project team of Colliers International or Nienaber Bedrijfsmakelaars for further information or to arrange a site visit. Contact details can be found in this document. ASKING PRICE € 4,900,000 (Costs for the purchaser's account). IDEAL SITUATION Cascade prefers selling the whole property Damsluisweg 56 to an investor or developer who owns a smaller building of approximately 3,000 - 4,000 sqm warehouse and 800 sqm space in Almere which is available no later than December 2019. Due to the fact, Cascade moved a part of their Dutch business to another country in Europe, they do not need the whole current facility in Almere anymore. This is why Cascade would like to lease a smaller (single tenant) building in Almere for the long term. Although this is the preferred situation, it is not a must of course.