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Николай Казанский

Управляющий партнер

Николай Казанский отвечает за все подразделения компании в России и руководит штатом, насчитывающим более 500 профессионалов. Под руководством Николая оборот компании в России вырос в 2,5 раза. Компания диверсифицировала бизнес и запустила новые для компании направления жилой недвижимости и управления проектами и контроля строительства. Также под руководством Николая компания достигла лучших финансовых показателей за 25 лет  работы в России.

Станислав Бибик


Stanislav works in commercial real estate since 2004, consulting clients throughout Russian, CIS and Global real estate markets. During his work experience, he acquired a deep knowledge of the property and capital markets and a broad network of contacts among the major players in the industry, focusing on the profit maximizing and creating the additional value for the Company’s clients. 

Throughout his career Stanislav has participated in investment transactions with the total value of over $6 billion. Between 2007-2008 Stanislav worked in London where he was involved in private equity transactions and corporate finance with a focus on UK, Central and Eastern Europe real estate markets.

Prior to joining Colliers International, Stanislav worked as a Partner in Capital Markets department in Cushman & Wakefield, being responsible for capital markets and valuation for the key clients.

Владимир Сергунин


As a Partner Vladimir is currently in charge of 3 business lines: Residential Real Estate, Office Sales & Acquisitions and Warehouse and Industrial Real Estate. He is also responsible for the company’s overall business performance and growth strategy in Russia.

Vladimir has been working in real estate industry since 2006, and has held seven positions within Colliers International Russia before he became a Partner in 2015.

Анна Никандрова



In 2004-2006 I worked at Colliers International being involved in the major projects such as Grand Canyon. In 2006 I have joined Jones Lang LaSalle. Being responsible for the project marketing and leasing, I was the main broker of the SEC Gallery project (St. Petersburg) where more than 100 transactions were closed with my participation. In addition, I participated in Leto shopping center project and coordinated the Piterland project.

In May of 2011 I continued the career at Colliers International and expanded the company’s portfolio with new projects. I have built one of the greatest retail team on the Russian market. I also personally closed about 500 deals as a broker.

Since 2013 I am in charge of Retail Real Estate Departments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. My expertise includes retail property contracts, concept development and leasing shopping centers, cooperation with major international and federal tenants and developers.

Currently, I am managing the following key projects:

·         Moscow: Vegas City & Vegas Kuntzevo, Sphera Mall (Obuhovo), Arena Park

·         St. Peterburg: Pearl Plaza, Stockmann Nevsky Center, Europolis, London Mall, Hollywood.

·         Region: Arkhangelsk city-SEC Titan Arena, Murmansk city- SEC Murmansk Mall & SEC Severnoe Nagornoe, Petrozavodsk city –SEC Lotus Plaza, Irkutsk city – SEC Silver Mall, Tomsk city–Izumrudniy Gorod, Pavlovskiy Pasad – Pavlovskiy Passazh, Minsk city – Palazzo Mall.





Амель Джерруди

Исполнительный директор | Управление проектами и Контроль строительства

Amel heads a new business for the company – Construction project management and Building consultancy. This department will provide the full range of services to developers and owners of commercial real estate in Russia. 

Amel played a direct role in the implementation of numerous projects, namely, 150,000 sq m of office premises, 340,000 sq m of retail space and 480,000 sq m of industrial facilities. Some of her most prominent projects include the business centre BolloevCenter, the office of GLN, a Media Markt electronics store, dozens of bank branches and offices, including for Barclays Bank, KMB-Bank, Swedbank and BNP Paribas. Under Amel’s leadership tenders have been won with such market leaders as Schneider Electric, Rexam Packaging, STADCO-Ford, General Motors and Hyundai, Michelin plants. Amel’s partners have included such international companies as GSE Group, OKEY Dorinda, LENTA, OBI, ATAK, REAL, Danone, P&G and others.

Amel began working in Russia in 2003 at the representative office of the French engineering company Technip CIS, where she was responsible for the construction of industrial properties. In 2006 Amel was appointed Reconstruction and Fit-Out Business Development Director at Step, where she launched the company’s division for development of industrial projects.

In 2012 Amel Djerroudi created and took the helm of BBNS Group, where she developed a unique project management instrument called Project Management Soft. The primary focus of BBNS Group is the construction of high-profile image-making commercial real estate projects in Russia.

Вера Зименкова

Региональный директор департаментов услуг для арендаторов и офисной недвижимости

At my current position I am responsible for creation and implementation of workflow schedule for my team, formulating goals and targets, authoring recommendations, leading key meetings with clients.

Екатерина Фонарева

Региональный директор департамента жилой недвижимости

Профессиональный опыт Екатерины в сфере недвижимости составляет более 17 лет, благодаря технологичной и слаженно выстроенной работе удалось реализовать более 3 млн м2.


Свой путь она начинала в инвестиционной компании «РОСбилдинг», где отвечала за реализацию ключевых площадок Москвы. За время своей работы в компании участвовала и руководила реализацией крупных инвестиционных сделок на сумму более чем $100 млн.

С 2007 по 2012 работала в компании «Миракс Групп», где приобрела богатый опыт продаж объектов бизнес-, премиум- и элитного класса по России и Европе, а также сформировала профессиональную команду продавцов для реализации недвижимости как на первичном, так и на вторичном рынке.


С 2012 по 2015 являлась Заместителем Генерального Директора по продажам и маркетингу компании Barkli, отвечая за продажи недвижимости элитной, премиум- и бизнес-класса.


Под руководством Екатерины были реализованы жилые проекты с привлечением ведущих дизайнеров и архитекторов международного уровня, в том числе Филиппа Старка, Келли Хоппена и Роберта Стерна в рамках работы в компании Barkli. Проработала и запустила первый проект в формате Fee Development для компании «Баркли» — «Медовая Долина».


Благодаря постоянной оптимизации работы департамента, а также профессиональным компетенциям Екатерины, в 2018 году в рамках премии «Рекорды рынка недвижимости» Colliers International была признана лучшим консультантом по жилой недвижимости, а ЖК Monodom (эксклюзивный проект) оценили как лучший жилой комплекс бизнес-класса. 


Владислав Николаев

Региональный директор департамента стратегического консалтинга

Vladislav is the Regional director of Strategic Consulting Department.

Vladislav`s area of expertise includes full range of consultancy services: from market feasibility analysis and preliminary project concept recommendations to consulting support of the project on the stage of brokerage.

Vladislav managed concept development of Colliers International key projects, such as: VTB Arena Park, SEC "Hollywood" (St. Petersburg), SEC "SFERA Mall" (Moscow Region), SEC "Titan Arena" (Arkhangelsk), SC “Pavlovsky Passage”, SEC “Lotos Plaza”, SEC “Pribaltiysky”, SEC in Yoshkar-Ola.

Prior to joining Colliers International Vladislav worked as Head of Retail Consulting Department in JLL Saint-Petersburg office.

Professional experience in real estate – over 8 years.

Дмитрий Романов

Региональный директор департамента оценки

Dmitry is in charge of the valuation department in Russia. His core responsibilities include business development, key client relationship management, team management, quality control, business planning.

Before joining Colliers, Dmitry worked for Jones Lang LaSalle in Moscow for seven years. As an Associate Director in the valuation department at Jones Lang he was responsible for portfolio valuations, in particular, client relationship management, quality control, team management and business development. In 2008 Dmitry was on a secondment to the London office, Portfolio Valuation. Prior to Jones Lang LaSalle Dmitry worked for Colliers International in St.Petersburg for two years.

Dmitry has worked on investment valuations and development appraisals for leading Russian and international companies including AFI Development, Aareal Bank, Capital Group, Deutsche Bank, Don Stroy, Eastern Property Management, Etalon LenSpetsSMU, Eurohypo, Hines, Meinl, Renova, STT Group, Raven Russia, RosEuroDevelopment, Trigranit and others.

Dmitry has experience in undertaking valuations for all purposes, including IPO.

Ольга Бакулина

Региональный директор по маркетингу и PR

2014 - at present. Regional Marketing & PR Director. Colliers International Russia

2013 - 2014. Marketing & PR Director. Colliers International, Moscow office

2008 - 2013. Marketing & PR Director. Knight Frank, Moscow office

2007 - 2008. Deputy Head of Marketing & PR, Cushman & Wakefield, Moscow office

Вероника Лежнева

Директор | Департамент исследований

Опыт работы в недвижимости - 10 лет, из них в консалтинге - более 8 лет.  

2006-2008 - аналитик по региональным проектам в петербургской девелоперской компании. В сферу обязанностей входил анализ рынка торговой недвижимости региональных городов с целью выхода компании на локальный рынок торговой недвижимости. 

С 2008 по 2013 работала в компании JLL в Санкт-Петербурге, где прошла путь от старшего консультанта отдела аналитики до руководителя отдела аналитики.

К команде Colliers International присоединилась в мае 2013. За время работы в Санкт-Петербурге под моим руководством был организован департамент исследований, сформирована команда. С февраля 2016  возглавляю департамент исследований Colliers International в России и осуществляю объединенное руководство департаментов исследований компании в Москве и в Санкт-Петербурге. Экспертиза департамента исследований включает анализ офисной, торговой, складской, гостиничной недвижимости, а также рынка инвестиций и жилья.​

Татьяна Яцына

Региональный финансовый директор

Tatiana joined to the Colliers International in 1998 where she started her work on position of Chief Accountant of Saint-Petersburg office, since 2003 she was promoted to Financial Director. Tatiana has over 24 years experience in Finance and Accounting and more than 20 years of experience in Real Estate.  In April 2014 Tatiana was appointed on the position of the Regional Financial Director of Colliers International Russia.

Holding the position of Regional Financial Director Tatiana is responsible for strategic planning and targeting, international reporting, budgeting, communication with external and internal auditors .

Марат Мурадян

Региональный PR-Директор

2016 - up to now: 

PR Director

Colliers International in Russia

November 2013 – July 2015

Head of External relations Department

Blackwood Real Estate

January 2013 – November 2013

Deputy Head of PR Department

FSK Leader Ltd.

May 2011 – January 2013

Head of PR Department


March 2010-May 2011

Head of PR Department

Impress Media, Marketing

August 2005 till September 2007

Secretary General/CEO

National Youth Council of Armenia

July 2005 till August 2007

PR specialist

OSCE office in Yerevan

June 2003 till May 2005

Programme Manager

YMCA Armenia

November 1999 till June 2000


Radio Liberty, Yerevan


Ирина Бондарева

Директор департамента офисной недвижимости

Irina is responsible for provision of full scope of consultancy services on the office real estate market, including strategic consultancy, lease and purchase transactions. 

Her main responsibilities include analysis of commercial real estate market, valuation of selected options in accordance with client’s requirements, leading negotiation process. 

Кермен Мастиев

Директор отдела продаж офисной недвижимости

The main area of his expertise is non investment sales, marketing technology in the context of office property sales and acquisitions as well as deal structuring and legislation procedures.

16 years experience in real estate especially in non investment sales, nearly 13 years in international consulting companies:  

3 years in Rosbuilding as a head of sales unit, Sales Department (office and retail property) 2000-2003

4 years in Knight Frank working in non investment sales, then heading the Sales Team 2003-2007

2 years in Colliers as a Head of Sales and Acquisitions Group 2007-2009

5 years in Cushman & Wakefield as a Director, Sales and Acquisitions Team and Head of Sales and Acquisitions 2010-2015

1 year in Colliers International 2015 - present time.

Франсуа Нонненмашер

Директор департамента представления интересов арендаторов


Francois joined Colliers International at the start of 2005.  Previously based in St Petersburg as the Head of the Steelcase Representative Office, he has 12 years experience working with large International companies on the Russian market. His combined experience of the office solution and real estate business provides him with valuable insights in the office acquisition process.

Денис Платов

Директор | Департамент финансовых рынков и инвестиций

Denis has more than 12 years of experience in transaction support in investment disposals and acquisitions, valuation and advisory experience in commercial and residential real estate. Prior to joining Colliers International, Denis worked for CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield, where he was responsible for investment transactions, capital markets and advising investors, developers and owners of commercial real estate. Denis also has experience working in Moscow and London offices of Citibank, serving institutional and corporate clients.

Рустам Топчиев

Executive Director | Retail Property Department

Екатерина Подлесных

Руководитель департамента стрит ритейл по России

Ekaterina joined the company in 2013 and headed the department of street retail. She is engaged in this direction more than 10 years. 


Андрей Косарев

Генеральный директор, Санкт-Петербург

20-летний профессиональный опыт, из них 16 лет — в консалтинговом бизнесе.

1999 — начал карьеру в российской управляющей компании «ВМБ-Траст», прошел путь от аналитика до управляющего бизнес-центрами и руководителя департамента исследований и консалтинга.

2006-2007 — возглавлял отдел стратегического консалтинга компании Knight Frank Санкт-Петербург.

2008 — в должности заместителя директора присоединился к команде JLL, где возглавлял отдел стратегического консалтинга в Петербурге, затем руководил направлением Development Advisory в Москве. Консультировал многочисленные проекты по всей России и странам СНГ.

2013 — назначен генеральным директором Colliers International в Санкт-Петербурге. В круг полномочий входит стратегическое развитие бизнеса компании, управление всеми внутренними департаментами Colliers International Санкт-Петербург, укрепление сотрудничества с ключевыми российскими и зарубежными партнерами.

Екатерина Аридова

Исполнительный директор департамента управления недвижимостью

Ekaterina joined to the Colliers International in 2011 where she started her work on the position of HR&GA Director of Saint-Petersburg office. Ekaterina has over 15 years experience in HR sphere and before Colliers she collaborated with such huge companies as Ford Motor Company and Rosnano.

In October of 2012 Ekaterina was appointed on the position of the Regional HR&GA Director with the geography of responsibility area within Russian Federation.

In 2014 Ekaterina was promoted on the Chief Operation Officer position.  

Since Property Management department has been created in Colliers Saint-Petersburg in 2016 Ekaterina diversified her responsibilities by taking additional functions in PM area. 

In 2018 Ekaterina was appointed on the Executive Director position in Property Management Russia. At the moment she is responsible for:

  • Objects' team management
  • Client relationship management
  • Business process controll
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Performance review

Владислав Семенов

Директор департамента оценки

Работа в сфере коммерческой недвижимости с 1997 г.,

в Colliers International – c 2002 г.:

2002 – 2004 гг. Консультант отдела исследований и консалтинга;

2004 – 2006 гг. – Старший консультант отдела исследований и консалтинга;

2006 – 2008 гг. – Заместитель Директора отдела оценки и консалтинга;

2008 – н.в. – Директор департамента оценки

До Colliers International Владислав работал в компании «Центр консалтинга и оценки».

Василий Довбня

Директор департамента консалтинга

12 years of professional experience in real estate.

Since 2003 until now: Colliers International.

2002 – 2003 – AFK Sistema (Sistema-Gals North-West)​.

Professional activity: business-planning, financial planning of residential and commercial real estate properties; best use analysis; industrial territories redevelopment projects; coordination with architects, concept and layouts optimization, market research. 

Анна Сигалова

Директор | Департамент финансовых рынков и инвестиций

Anna has been working in Colliers International since 2007. Since 2010 Anna works in investment department. Having extensive experience in real estate consulting, she successfully mixes the background in concept development of residential and commercial real estate with financial analysis and modeling.

Currently Anna is focused on investment transactions within city, including operating assets and sites for commercial and residential development.

Елизавета Конвей

Директор департамента жилой недвижимости

Over 15 years of professional experience in the real estate market.

2002-2006: Sales of off-plan Saint-Petersburg residential developments (converting leads into meetings and further into contracts), achieving monthly sales targets.

2006-2012: Headed Residential department in Knight Frank being in charge of local as well as international market of high-end properties.

2012: Director/Residential Department of Colliers International in St. Petersburg.



Игорь Темнышев

Директор департамента услуг для арендаторов и офисной недвижимости

Igor Temnyshev is Director of Occupier Advisors and Office Department in St.Petersburg since June 2015. Experience in the field of commercial real estate - 7 years. Prior joining Colliers International, he worked in the field of development. Igor's experience and skills allow him implement projects taking into account all the client's needs and ultimately finding the best solution for them.

Владимир Каличава

Руководитель департамента услуг для ритейлеров

from October 2017 at Colliers International

2011-2017 Head of Department of development of branches of the North-West and Volga region

2009-2011 CEO CLUB 154

2005-2009 Finance Director of the restaurant "Korchma"

2002-2005 CEO of the brewery-restaurant "BarSuk"

Анна Сабинина

Директор I Департамент по маркетингу и связям с общественностью

More than 10 years of experience in marketing and PR, 8 years -  in real estate segment.