2017 | Q1 | Москва | Торговая недвижимость

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В I квартале на столичном рынке фактически не было введено ни одного торгового центра. В объеме нового предложения I квартала мы учитываем ТРЦ «Бутово Молл», введенный в эксплуатацию в IV квартале 2016 г., но в котором на момент запуска функционировал только продовольственный гипермаркет.


2017 | Q1 | Москва | Торговая недвижимость

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Анна Никандрова




In 2004-2006 I worked at Colliers International being involved in the major projects such as Grand Canyon. In 2006 I have joined Jones Lang LaSalle. Being responsible for the project marketing and leasing, I was the main broker of the SEC Gallery project (St. Petersburg) where more than 100 transactions were closed with my participation. In addition, I participated in Leto shopping center project and coordinated the Piterland project.

In May of 2011 I continued the career at Colliers International and expanded the company’s portfolio with new projects. I have built one of the greatest retail team on the Russian market. I also personally closed about 500 deals as a broker.

Since 2013 I am in charge of Retail Real Estate Departments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. My expertise includes retail property contracts, concept development and leasing shopping centers, cooperation with major international and federal tenants and developers.

Currently, I am managing the following key projects:

·         Moscow: Vegas City & Vegas Kuntzevo, Sphera Mall (Obuhovo), Arena Park

·         St. Peterburg: Pearl Plaza, Stockmann Nevsky Center, Europolis, London Mall, Hollywood.

·         Region: Arkhangelsk city-SEC Titan Arena, Murmansk city- SEC Murmansk Mall & SEC Severnoe Nagornoe, Petrozavodsk city –SEC Lotus Plaza, Irkutsk city – SEC Silver Mall, Tomsk city–Izumrudniy Gorod, Pavlovskiy Pasad – Pavlovskiy Passazh, Minsk city – Palazzo Mall.





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