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Office building is the basement storied rugged steno-columnedobject with the shape of irregular rectangle, consisting of reinforced concretecolumns, reinforced concrete frame and masonry separating structures. the building isdivided into two floors above the module space and outlets for päťpodlažnúadministrative part. Entry to the building is designed entrance hall with conciergeservice directly from the parking area. Office building is located on Bojničky street near the center of Bratislava,in the area known as the Frog Majer, and dominates the entrance to výrobnoprevádzkovéhoarea. In addition to the three areas of established production facilities andfurther administrative buildings serving as offices and headquarters of various companies,It is also a hostel Kadnárova.This is a site with the alleged investment, followed by constructionactivities. The office building is situated on an attractive firstthe availability to the broader center of Bratislava and easy connection to Bratislavahighway D1.From between the centers of trade and services, located in the vicinity, it is importantmention the shopping center Polus City Center on Vajnorská Street, which is locatedonly about 7 min. by car. To the already mentioned Vajnorska street leading out of towntowards Senec, located hypermarket Tesco and Lake Golden Sands, located 5 min.by car. An interesting feature is the availability of the shopping mall Avion,situated in the Hanácka, within a 10-min. and also by carallows connection to Bratislava highway.

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